Web Design Trends 2022: Being Inspired

We discuss web design trends in 2022 and are inspired by examples. The general trend is to make strong use of trends already known on the web to create a memorable user experience.

The idea of ​​small clutter is becoming a popular choice for web / UX / UI designers in 2022.

Web design is still going through a trend towards simplification, although a coherent aesthetic may fit the scale and purpose of the resource. While the method is not for everyone, the lively and energetic chaos is one step behind the 2021 minimum website concept. So, for an unforgettable UX: bold ideas, new features, web app interface design principles and web design trends for 2022. Design is like high fashion: to stay in the loop you need to be constantly aware of current trends. We have rounded up the latest trends of 2022 in web design

Applying a dark interface to page design

In 2019, the process of promoting this design began. Dark themes were first used exclusively in a few apps. Developers are now using this style for websites as well Apple, Telegram, as well as Facebook and YouTube and a few other companies actively promote dark themes.

Dark theme settings can be turned on and off manually. You can also specify a timer to switch using the settings. In this example, the user is no longer part of the process. When using Dark Mode, users are encouraged to quickly scan site content and focus on key elements such as charts, graphs and stocks.

Use unique fonts to highlight titles or important information

You can get a variety of benefits with the help of fonts, including a unique look, the ability to highlight important information, an aesthetically pleasing design and to draw the user’s attention to the material.

Serif and Carl have increased the trend in recent years. They add authenticity to the design by giving it a retro meaning. Letters are also often used for highlighting. It consists of the height of different characters in the same word, as well as the presence of other decorative elements.

Another thing to consider is the adaptation of the font. Many subscribers access content via a smartphone or tablet in addition to a PC. The site needs to be resized according to the screen size of the device.

New minimalism

Looks like web designers have played enough with maximalism in 2021 – and now they’re coming back with lots of “air”, laconic layouts and restrained colors. On the other hand, the 2022 minimum is different from its predecessors. The monochrome palette has been replaced with more colors and added extra effects to the navigation. The purpose of New Minimalism is to make the site more entertaining without distracting from the main message of the page.

Earthly and basic shades (and some neon)

Remember the “nature cure” meme from the beginning of the epidemic? Now back to the roots came the web design trend. In 2022, natural and basic shades are in fashion, giving the site a more organic look. However, in all these muted color palettes, you can also notice the opposite trend: bright neon accents, which are used for menu icons and all kinds of dividing lines.

Serifs and lightness in typography

Serif fonts can hardly be called modern: they are mainly associated with the printed press, official documents and the main websites of government agencies. However, in 2022, designers are finding a way to give a new twist to the old aesthetics and use sophisticated versions of fonts like Times New Roman, Garamond and Georgia for websites.

Symmetric layout

Last year’s web design trends came in the wake of organized chaos – which is entirely in line with the mood of 2021. This year begins with a search for consistency: a balance between text and images and symmetrical grid design.

The advantage of this layout is that the web designer can control the reader’s visual path through the page and draw his attention to the important elements of the site.

Pictures of ordinary people

We’ve been bothered by innocent body and altered face models for the past few decades. Regular people with whom clients can identify have high demand across the marketing sector.

Of course, this social trend has also influenced web design. On their website, a growing number of businesses are employing photographs of people of different skin colors, body types, ages and genders. In addition, we see a growing number of people with disabilities as fashion brand ambassadors.

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