Warehouse robot startup BotsAndUs is raising £ 11m

Autonomous warehouse robot maker BotsAndUs has raised 13m (10.6m) in a seed round led by Swiss venture capital firm Lexter.

London-based BotsAndUs will use the capital to build its robots that are used to measure, track and identify stock in a warehouse.

Startup robots use artificial intelligence (AI) to create a warehouse digital twin. That mapping data can be used by operators to make them run logistics more efficiently in the warehouse.

BotsAndUs is also looking at international expansion in new markets such as Germany, France, the Nordics, the United States and Canada.

Christoph Schuh, partner, Lexter, said: “More than 80% of warehouses have no automation. Warehouses are expected to grow by 50% by 2025 and the labor deficit is expected to exceed 30%. 6 containing the key

Founded in 2015, BotsAndUs works with Menzies Aviation, an air cargo business used by London Heathrow Airport.

BotsAndUs recently entered into a partnership with container logistics company Maersk to explore the application of its robots in one of its warehouses, primarily to manage automated inventory.

“This is an exciting time for technology in London, and robotics and AI are among our most innovative growth sectors. This welcome investment in BotsAndUs further strengthens our position as a global hub for innovation and venture capital,” said Rajesh Agarwal, Deputy Mayor. London for Business.

Investors in the round received additional capital from Maersk Growth, Kindred Capital, and Capnamic. This follows BotsAndUs’ বিনিয়োগ 6m (9 4.9m) investment in July 2020.

Venture capital firm Lexter’s previous backups include the likes of Skype, Spotify, Facebook and Airbnb. It manages প্রাথমিক 1.2bn (1bn) across three initial funds and one growth fund.

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