Vote counting machine demo, trial ballot will be held at SM Mall

Philippine Star / Russell Palma

Exhibitions will be held at SM shopping malls across the country as part of voter education campaigns for the May 9 election using vote counting machines and mock balloting.

Saidamen B Pangarungan, chairman of the Commission on Elections (Comelek), said at the signing ceremony of the partnership with SM Supermolls on Monday, , Live stream on facebook.

“These are state-of-the-art equipment used by other countries and engineered to be safe and temper-proof.He said.

SMSix malls across the country will take part in the campaign.

Election Commissioner Marlon S. Caskejo said the protests were aimed at helping to reduce common mistakes made by voters on election day.

Kamlek spokesman James B. Jimenez said there would be about 800 mock ballots at each mall demonstration, with fictitious names instead of real candidates.

“So, we invite our voters to test them and familiarize themselves with these machines,” said Mr. Pangarungan. “So when election day comes, we are sure that our votes will be recorded and counted safely.” John Victor d. Ordonez

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