Vijay Mehra, Real Estate Investment Advisor

Vijay Mehra eqt is a respected general management, real estate and property consultant.

With a career spanning more than three decades, Vijay specializes in helping his clients negotiate the purchase and sale of high-value residential, commercial, and industrial real estate assets.

As a young man, Vijay Mehra Equity enrolled in one of the UK’s top universities, studying a program that is critical to finance, economics and business, but also fine arts. After graduating with the highest score, he began his career establishing himself as a trusted real estate analyst in Great Britain. Although it did not take long, his reputation as a consultant and dealmaker earned him widespread acclaim, and he began to branch out in other markets. Nowadays, the scope of Vijay’s advisory body is truly international, expanding its activities across three continents; Europe, North America and Asia.

Throughout his career, Vijay Mehra Ekti has repeatedly demonstrated a remarkable talent for finding invaluable assets around the world, and has advised countless businesses and wealthy individuals on transactions amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. He runs his consulting firm from the United States, including offices in New York and Los Angeles, in partnership with his beloved wife.

What do you currently do in your company?

Simply put, I navigate the world for strong investment features based on the needs of my extensive client list. I serve both business and individuals in this manner. Once I find the property of a good candidate, I help the client to purchase it at the lowest price I can get. Often, when my clients want to sell a property they own, I take advantage of it. My consulting firm charges a percentage of this transaction, and that’s how we finance our activities.

What was the motivation behind becoming a real estate investment advisor?

I’m afraid it’s a little annoying story. When I was a teenager, my parents put me down and made me realize that I had to make a plan for my career. I wasn’t one of those people who always knew what they wanted to do professionally. So I asked them to give me a month so that I could do some research and come to a conclusion. After digging into the matter, I found that being a real estate investment advisor is usually the highest return compared to the investment required in education and the relevant credentials. I told my parents what I had discovered, they had approved my choice, and I kept my plan. Short story of where I am today.

What defines the way you do business?

I am a man of numbers. I work on arithmetic, spreadsheets and bottom line. The way I do business is determined by making the most money possible from the sales of my clients and saving them the most possible money in acquisitions. My success in this field has brought me fame, and that fame is the foundation of my career.

Say a long-term goal in your career.

At the moment, my advisory agency operates on three continents. One day, I want to expand to six inhabited continents. I understand that in this moment of human development, it is not possible to buy or sell property in Antarctica. That’s just a little trick I want to do

What would you say to your little self?

I can tell my little one to try to have more fun and experience more. I always had a pretty serious and business-like mentality, even as a kid. Some parts of me think that I missed some things – watching movies with friends, playing sports, playing games, these kinds of things – because I felt that they were an unreasonable waste of time. Now, speaking as an adult, I’m not so sure I was right about that.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned through your career?

I guess the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is related to client relationships. For three decades I have been advising clients on real estate investing, I have refined my approach to client relationships and developed my interpersonal skills. Early in my career, I must admit that I was a bit ignorant about those things. I have already said: I am primarily a man of numbers. But over time, I began to see the value in building personal relationships with my clients. It builds trust, and it’s a thing you can’t mention a number. Some things that you can keep numbers, however, are repeat business and referrals. I believe that working on my people’s skills has greatly expanded my list of clients – and I’ve made one or two real friends along the way.

How would your colleagues describe you?

I think my clients and colleagues will describe me as efficient, organized, professional and goal-oriented. The term “serious mentality” can be used to describe me accurately, as I mentioned in another answer.

How do you balance a difficult work life?

It helps a lot that I can run my farm with my wife. It has many advantages, the most important of which is that I see him and communicate with him all day long. The downside, though, is that sometimes we both take our work home with us and talk to each other. Thus, when we think of relaxing or enjoying ourselves, it can become intrusive. Still, I wouldn’t do it any other way.

What is one piece of advice that you have never forgotten?

My dad once wisely advised me to get each offer in writing, so that there would be a document and specific language to mention in case of dispute. I did not forget that advice. It has given me countless headaches and saved me a lot of money over the years.

What advice would you give to aspirants to succeed in your case?

The best advice I can give someone who is considering a career as a real estate investment advisor is to be sure about the math involved in each transaction. Do not double-check a given contract number পরীক্ষা check them at least three times. In other words, thoroughness is one of the most important qualities required for success in this profession.

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