Vicky Mordu, Founder & MD, Biodivers Consulting

Vicky Mordu, founder and managing director of Biodivers Consulting, tells Business Matters about the secrets to the success of his company Biodivers Consulting

Do you provide products or services?

Ecology and tree surveys and assessments, biodiversity net profit services for developers large and small, and business support services for environmental organizations who are willing to diversify and / or expand their income opportunities.

What kind of business do you work with?

Initially developers include infrastructure, utilities, residential and leisure industries as well as other businesses that provide services in the development sector, for example, architects, planners, landscape architects, engineering companies. We offer business support environmental charity.

Does your company solve the problem?

Keeps clients legally committed to wildlife and habitat protection and ensures that they provide the most wildlife friendly developments possible.

What is your USP?

Business balanced with biodiversity. We work with both which gives us a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that our clients face in managing budgets, stakeholders and expectations.

What is the value of your company? Have you ever challenged them and if so how did you deal with it?

Businesses and developments that go hand in hand can contribute to the conservation and enhancement of wildlife with the right advice and guidance. We were once asked by a client to look differently in terms of the protected species we found on their development site. We politely declined the offer but continue to work with the client to advise on their fines that such action will be taken. More importantly, we have supported protected species in an affordable and professional way through the licensing process so that the species in question is no longer seen as an expensive, undesirable obstacle to the project but as an asset of its future value.

How do you ensure that you are hiring a team that reflects your company’s values?

Our values ​​are: adaptation, passion, creativity, honesty and collaboration, and we are actively looking for environmentalists who share our passion for wildlife and the changes we are experiencing in our sector, new recruits need to show their creativity to solve some more challenging solutions. We have special projects.

Are you happy to offer a hybrid work model for the next home / office?

Absolutely! Unless the team has the right set up and space to work comfortably at home. We are fortunate to have been out of the field most of the time and so the team still learns from their teammates to face those divisions in a more cowardly friendly way. Our head office is located in the Grade II listed building, Dessington Hall, Newcastle and we plan to open another Southeast this year.

Do you have any tips to effectively manage suppliers and customers?

Don’t be afraid to ask for advance deposits to enable you to manage risk and cash flow, especially safe work from new clients. I also think it is important for small businesses not to accept payment terms from clients for more than 30 days. Managing cash as a small company is the most important aspect of running a business.

What if you could change the government one thing for business?

To provide more sustainable support to small businesses in the first three years of business. More than 60% of start-ups disappear in 3 years and providing ongoing financial and consulting services will make a huge difference.

What is your attitude towards your competitors?

There is no such thing as a niche business competitor; Only future partners.

Any thoughts on your company and the future of your dreams?

We need to think outside of biodiversity net profit even though it has only been effective and towards environmental net profit. We currently have carbon trading schemes, flood resilience requirements, green and open space requirements for humans কিছু some of the natural services we need to think about separately when planning new developments.

Environmental Net Gain will bring an integrated and transparent process for developers to consider all these aspects of the natural world in one evaluation process. This enables our clients to plan / manage their risks accordingly and identify opportunities where they can make a real difference to people, wildlife and climate change.

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