Understanding the causes of low libido in women and their treatment


The Internet is full of all kinds of advertisements for Potenzmetal fer Fruen and Potenzmetal Kaufen. These supplements are marketed as a ready solution for low libido in women. And you can’t blame these creators for trying to help. Research shows that the problem is more prevalent among women, affecting one in four women who are at the top of their sex lives. However, most of these ads only pitch for over-the-counter medications that come with dangerous side effects. If you’ve been in the trap, you’ve probably noticed that the so-called diet pills don’t deliver on their promise. And although we have nothing against good Natürliche potenzmittel, we strongly recommend that you see a health professional first. More importantly, you may want to ask about common causes of marital distress and some ways to fix them. You should try to find a solution only when these fail.

Personal issues

Sometimes, your lack of interest in bed can be the result of personal problems and not associated with treatment. If so, you can usually fix your problem without using Natürliche potenzmittel.

If you suffer from chronic stress, it can negatively affect your sexual ability very well. Stress is caused by problems such as family problems, relationship stress and financial problems. If you realize that stress is not getting you out of bed, you may be better off reducing stress than using a potenzmittel für frauen. And while they are better than over-the-counter pills, over-reliance on them can lead to over-reliance. Discuss these issues openly with your partner, and it will be good for your communication channels. Another suggestion is to talk to a sex therapist. These techniques can give you better results than using over-the-counter medications.

And although anti-stress drugs can also help restore your libido, it is only a temporary solution to the problem. In addition, the method is inconvenient in two ways. First, relying too heavily on Xanax, for example, is not a smart move because it does not treat the underlying problem behind your low sex drive. Another thing is that these anti-stress drugs can make your libido problems worse.

Diseases, lifestyles, and medications

Other things that can cause low libido in women include lifestyle diseases, illnesses and the medications you take to treat this condition.

Any condition that can make you sleep a lot, lose energy or make you tired can negatively affect your sexual drive. Anemia is one of the leading causes of low libido in women, but also diseases such as fibromyalgia, obesity, an uncompromising immune system, and diabetes.

Diabetes can damage your body’s vascular system. The net effect is that the blood flow to your genitals is reduced. Patients with high blood pressure may also experience poor performance in these vital areas.

Kidney disease, hypothyroidism, stroke, HIV and sleep apnea also contribute to a decrease in arousal in women.

Antidepressants can also affect your libido, and so if you are currently using these medications, they can cause problems for you. One of the major problems with the use of antidepressants is low libido. SSRIs, which stand for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as Prozac, Paxil and Lexapro, also contribute to lower libido in women.

The use of steroids, blood pressure and heart medications and medications for anti-anxiety, for example, Xanax, may also contribute to libido reduction.

If you are diagnosed in the above case, you do not want to rush to use potenzmittel caffeine. The best way to deal with this is to work with your doctor so that you are given a variety of medications that do not cause further problems.

A woman’s lifestyle problems can also cause a decrease in libido. These include smoking, drug and substance abuse, and excessive drinking. Even if you get the best potenzemital freon, it won’t help you if your troubles are due to lifestyle problems. Rather, the best course of action is to identify behaviors that trigger poor performance in bed. Stop using alcohol, alcohol and drugs.

Hormonal problems

Women deal with hormonal issues every month. For them, it provides a constant reminder about the effects of sex hormones on the body during menstruation. Women experience various problems at different stages of their menstrual cycle such as cramps, PMS, sore breasts and back pain. These problems are caused by the fluctuations in the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body.

Also, women experience high libido only before ovulation. Because progesterone levels are higher at this time, libido increases. The opposite is true. When estrogen levels are low, it leads to low libido. This explains why gynecologists and endocrinologists who treat women with low libido often find estrogen deficiency to be the main cause of the problem.

Also, during pregnancy, estrogen levels continue to rise, which explains why most women’s libido increases during these months. However, it decreases as soon as you give birth and start breastfeeding. At the same time, as you approach menopause, your body begins to produce less estrogen. This is why post-menopausal women experience decreased libido.


Although the above are common causes of low libido in women, they are not entirely responsible for this condition. Sometimes, your problem can be caused by problems with the pituitary gland, ovaries or even other parts of the human endocrine system. Weak libido in women can also be caused by eating disorders, excessive exercise and kidney disease. If you want to give your sex life a new lease of life, the best way is to treat the underlying causes.

But that doesn’t mean using natural sex enhancers is a bad thing. The fact of the matter is that there are some natural ways to reverse the problem. Rather, we mean that you cannot completely cure your problem without knowing the cause. If you suffer from low libido, we recommend talking to your doctor about the causes mentioned in the article. Other than that, even using the best potenzmittel für frauen won’t help you.

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