UKs reveals funny business names

The UK’s funniest small business name has been revealed after a small business was crowned with ‘Britain’s Best Small Business Name’ in a public vote.

Parky Blender, a London-based specialty coffee roster, will be presented with fiercely competitive acclaim, beating more than 1,500 small-scale small businesses. The husband and wife pair received 16% of the total vote and will receive a £ 2,500 grant from Simply Business to support business growth.

The Simple Business Competition, a small business insurance provider, was launched to celebrate the intelligence, creativity and humor of small business owners in the country.

A recent survey of 2,000 consumers of Simply Business found that how a fun or fun business name can play a huge role in helping small businesses succeed, with a third saying they are more likely to shop at a small or local business. Compared to those who do not have a fun or interesting business name. Two-thirds of people are more likely to target a small or local business with a fun or interesting business name.

Parky Blender was formed in 2015 as a family by husband and wife couple Adam and Victoria Coggins. Originally located in Waltham Forest, a few years later they now have three stores in the borough and more than 60 stores – including Whole Foods, The Conran Shop, Anthropology and the award-winning Eat17 Spar Shop.

Before considering the shortlist, only Business Cautious considers them to be the most intelligent and most memorable business names across the UK. The crown of the winner of the competition was then in the hands of the British public.

Small businesses are vital to the local community and people noticeably prefer small purchases over large chains. In terms of preference, about nine out of ten people (88%) prefer to shop in a small, local, or independent business when compared to a larger chain, or a combination of a smaller business with a larger chain.

Alan Thomas, UK CEO of Simply Business, commented: “We are incredibly proud to be able to provide adequate insurance for over 800,000 creative and diverse small businesses in the UK. But we see our role as more than an insurance provider – we are champions for small businesses. It just seems appropriate to celebrate the creativity and personality of some of the best business names in the UK and Perky Blenders is a worthy winner of our inaugural ‘Best Small Business Name’ award.

“The impact a memorable business name can have on your business is incredible – our research suggests that one third of consumers are more likely to spend on a business with a fun name.”

“With nearly 6 million small businesses across the UK, our community lives as blood and collectively contributes trillions of pounds to the UK economy, we are delighted to find the best small business name in Britain, and rewarded them with 2,500. Donate to support their journey. “

Adam Coggins, MD and co-founder of Parky Blender: “We’ve come to the moon to be crowned ‘Britain’s Best Small Business Name’, and we’re still stunned after so many years when people fall far short of our name!”

“I came up with the idea for this name because the founding team planned to offer our premium at the kitchen table in 2015. The name Perky Blenders was born out of the need to notice the relevance of what we do.

The name Parky Blender was obviously inspired by a popular TV show, but it has become much more so. As a well-known ‘post by coffee’ specialty coffee roster, the name, and the company as a whole, now carries a lot more meaning to our brazen family. Our roasting team is a talented crowd, and our coffee is always at the forefront with care for quality and good practice.

“Parky Blender, surprisingly, blends most of our coffee for variety and flavor as well as consistency in a busy coffee world where only the best will do. You can park yourself with Blend. We roast and post all over the UK … Everything is done by the gang at Parky Blender’s headquarters. “

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