UK factories are ready for energy rationing this winter amid fears of Russia

As power rationing cards may be on this winter, British factory owners are facing restrictions on their power supply.

The Kremlin has already cut off supplies to multiple companies and countries across the continent, refusing to pay for gas in rubles, raising fears that Russia could strategically cut off gas to Europe.

The ruble was needed to retaliate against Western sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

National Grid has told energy companies that it could impose “unintentional” energy restrictions if other emergency measures such as payments to shut down machinery fail to reduce demand at a sustainable level, according to The Telegraph.

The FTSE 100 company, which operates Britain’s gas mains, has issued rationing warnings in consultation with power station owners, as it plans to navigate the coldest months of the year.

It will meet with major energy suppliers such as SSE, Exxon, Equinor and RWE next Thursday to discuss emergency payments to industry users.

“If demand needs to be reduced, it is currently expected to be unintentional through emergency procedures,” it warned in a document seen in the newspaper and issued ahead of Thursday’s meeting.

Nevertheless, it wants to hear from users and suppliers that any commercial terms will “stimulate participation.”

Power generators are part of the discussion, although the scheme is considered “more suitable” for large industrial users.

The UK’s largest gas and power users include manufacturers such as Tata Steel, British Glass, CF Fertilizers, Enos and Jaguar Land Rover – but it is not clear which company was part of the talks.

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