Uber has set you up to book trains, flights and even hotels through the app

If you think Uber is already a pretty generus company, well, it’s going to get bigger.

In the UK, American Mobility Giant already offers taxis, bikes, boats and scooters. However, it will soon offer intercity train, coach and countrywide car fares on the app.

Whichever way you look at it, the expansion of Uber will almost certainly bring major changes to the UK transport sector. With the promise of greater integration than before the trip, the idea is that you can book a coach or train and then wait for a cab to pick you up at the station – and then, if you’re in the mood, also have an Uber Eats ready for your destination. It can create a much more non-stop, hassle-free travel route.

Uber wants to add train, coach and car fares to its app this summer, but its long-term plans go further. By the end of the year, the company also wants to be able to offer flights and cross-channel trains. Finally, it wants to include hotels as well – really trying to make sure that, for any type of travel, you don’t have to leave the Uber app. Very bold thing, to say the least.

Under the new plan, Uber will not actually provide its own trains, coaches, cars, planes and hotels. Don’t expect to see Uber Rail or Uber Air anytime soon. Instead, it will work with a number of partners that will be fully integrated into the app. Those agencies will be confirmed next month.

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