Tuuli Pärenson: Business Empowerment through Digital Transformation

Confucius once said, “It doesn’t matter how slow you go until you stop.” This quote defines aptly Tully Parenson, Those who are responsible for the innumerable changes in the leadership of agile and fat-free policies. By taking on the task of not taking himself too seriously, he overcame the most difficult obstacles of his early career.

From being on the digital transformation journey to being part of a myriad of large-scale reforms, Tuli has come a long way in her career. He is currently in charge CEO Of Gofor Estonia, An international software development and consulting firm. In this role, his ultimate goal is to see his clients improve their business.

Tuuli takes the problem head on and makes a change. In Gophore, he is responsible for international business development aimed at creating a more ethical digital environment. Currently, Tuuli is leading a subsidiary based in Estonia, but every day his team works as a crew with the GoFor group.

We contacted Tuuli at Insights Success to find out more about her journey to find the “Top Inspiring Women Leaders to Watch” and how she is driving a transformative change in the IT sector with her skills.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Enlighten us about how your diverse skills and experience have helped improve GoFor.

I joined Gophore about 3 years ago to support Gophore on an international journey. I have a long experience in driving change and IT-related changes in various corporate and public sector organizations. For example, when Estonia used the euro, I worked as a development director in the banking sector. I led the change to the data exchange solution replacement, which was used by all government agencies. I have helped one of the largest telecommunications companies in Estonia (Telia) improve business by leading the digital transformation.

At the end of the day, all the changes help to create a piece of knowledge about people and shared, why we are changing at all. It doesn’t matter if these changes are about Gofore or help our customers get on the path to digital transformation.

Tell us more about your company’s vision and key aspects of its solid position in IT services.

Gopho is driven by agile and fat-free principles and we really believe them. We believe in working with our customers to help them achieve their goals. That’s why we consciously decided to be a pure-play consultant. When we offer management advisory services, the consultancy approach is probably no surprise.

What amazes some of our customers is that we apply the same principles to everything we do: be it security, data, design or coding. Our specialists work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that we focus on what’s important and make the best decisions for that particular client. We are proud that in the 2021 Consumer Survey, our net promoter score was 54. Which is significantly higher than the market average.

We truly believe that how we work is equally important, not just what we do. And it is also important to help our clients develop the skills and abilities needed to operate in a changing environment. We can do this through dedicated pieces of training, but we also do it as part of our daily routine – through discussions that help us make the best choices together and help our clients understand why we are choosing one option over another.

Considering the COVID-19 epidemic example, how do you plan to navigate similar situations in the future? What efforts did you make during the epidemic to sustain the operation and at the same time ensure the safety of your team?

We are the leading digital conversion consultant, and so we were only prepared to work in a digital environment. We didn’t need to innovate because all systems, solutions and working methods were there before. We were happy to see the same apply to our long-term customers. We were ready together for the digital age, even if we didn’t expect it to occupy almost everything.

Since our customers were well prepared, then the ability to focus on what we believe was most important. It is the well-being of our experts and staying mentally healthy while working from a distance.

Share your thoughts on how modern technologies like AI and ML are impacting the IT industry and how Gofore is riding the wave of technology?

One of the most important aspects of a quick and lean organization is to organize around value. This is what we believe in ourselves and we recommend it to our customers. No solution should ever start from technology selection. The beginning of designing any solution is to understand the challenge of us or our customers and then choose the best tool.

It is important for us, as a consultant, to be aware of the latest and emerging technologies and to ensure that our experts have the opportunity to learn and test them to help our customers make the right decisions.

As an established industry leader, what would be your advice to emerging entrepreneurs and enthusiasts interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the IT industry?

I don’t like to talk about IT industry. We’re not talking about the management or leadership industry, are we? Companies need IT as well as their leadership or accounting needs. This function is constantly needed, and specialists are constantly needed.

Think of it as a spoon from the movie “Matrix”, where the old boy said: “Don’t try to bend the spoon, it’s impossible. Instead, just try to figure out the truth নেই no spoon. Then you will see that the spoon cannot be bent, only you yourself.

How do you envisage strengthening Goffer Fortress in 2022 and beyond?

Gofore will continue to be the best partner of ICT for those organizations that believe in organizing around value and want to improve their business activities. Our castle was, is and will be the success of our customers.

Please give us some testimonials of your clients / customers and a list of rewards / recognitions that accurately reflect your organization’s position in the market.

I can only share comments that you agree to share through our website Although we have partnered with our clients over the years, collaboration can still be a small project. We have a lot of experience with the public sector in Europe and industry around the world, but also with start-ups.

The best compliment for us is when we see our customers succeed in their business. I think Karuna Mika Suomi, the innovation manager at the power distribution company, summed it up very well: “The number one thing is that the people of Gophor are not afraid to tell us if they think our ideas are bad. “

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