TUCP has filed a petition for P724 minimum wage in Soccsksargen region

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Philippine Trade Union Congress (TUCP) on Monday StayIn line with the petition, the Soccsksargen region of the southern Philippines has led a petition to increase the daily minimum wage from P336 to P724. StayLed by other regional wage boards.

The TUCP cited rising living costs, which exceeded the workers’ ability to afford most of the minimum wage.

The TUCP, the largest labor federation in the Philippines, said in their application StaySoccsksargen led the Wage Board to say that the P25 minimum wage increase granted in 2019 was “long overdue.”

It said in FebruaryflThe level of income in this region indicates that the purchasing power of P336.00 gross daily minimum wage is “P295.00 only.”

On a net basis, “the take-home pay of a minimum wage earner after government-directed deductions is a meager P309.48 / day with a purchasing power of 271.71 / day.”

It cites official estimates for 2021 of P13,298.00 / month for Poverty Marginal Area XII, comparing the current minimum wage to only P8,736.00,flAction-adjusted P7,699.89.

It further states that deducting the food threshold of P5,340.80 from the current Tech Home Pay of P7,647.20 per month means that the estimated budget for food / person for a family of five is approximately P12.32.

“Obviously, the amount does not meet the recommended nutritional requirements for a family Stayve, not by any stretch of the imagination, ”it said.

The TUCP states that the current P12.31 is far less than the P917.50 / meal / household allocated to the daily food expenditure of five households in the region, which the Atenio Policy Center estimates using a state-planned food model.

“The current minimum daily wage of P365.00 can only be paid to workers and their families on a nutritional basis.StayAncient food of survival. “

TUCP re last weekStayFollowing the dismissal of an earlier petition by the Capital Region Wage Board over jurisdictional issues, Metro Manila has led its petition for an increase of P470 in daily wages.

On Sunday, the TUCP called the Labor bureaucracy’s response to the wage increase request “business as usual, time consuming, (and) technically tedious.”

Soccsksargen, formerly known as Central Mindanao, covers General Santos City, Kotabato, Coronadal, Takurang and Kidapawan, including South Kotabato, Kotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani.

TUCP has already filed similar petitions in the Central Visayas and Davao regions. – Kyle Aristophier T. Atienja

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