There is a lack of successful trials for smuggling Senate flags


No major smuggling cases have been successfully prosecuted since 2016, senators said at a committee hearing, stating that more than 20 large-scale smuggling activities are currently active.

Senator Cynthia A. Wheeler, author of the Republic Act (RA) 10845, which classifies large-scale smuggling of agricultural products as economic sabotage, said he was not aware of any significant smuggling.

“No one was sent to prison … but I (the customs bureau ‘) saw the press release on the detainees,” he said.

Mrs Wheeler, who chairs the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Food, said smuggling of vegetables and other agricultural products continued unabated.

RA 10845 does not permit any bail for the crime of smuggling agricultural products in their raw state or for products that have gone through easy processing or storage. The no-bail rule applies to shipments worth P1 million for most farm items. The threshold for rice is P10 million.

“There is something wrong with law enforcement,” Ms Wheeler added.

The Customs Bureau (BOC) said in a statement StayBetween 2016 and March 2022, agriculture led 103 cases of smuggling, valued at P1.35 billion.

Charlie L., senior assistant state prosecutor in the Department of Homeland Security’s (DOJ) National Prosecution Service. Guhit says that DJ himself StayHas led four smuggling cases and is awaiting a court ruling.

“As far as imprisonment is concerned, the accused will be sentenced if the court decides that the accused is guilty beyond reasonable doubt and based on our information, four cases have been reported, some of which are still under investigation or pending. Accused, “he said, adding that” no imprisonment “has yet resulted from the prosecution.

“It’s very disappointing,” said Senate President Vicente C. Soto III says no smuggler or bodyguard has been convicted in six years.

Edsel T., director of the National Intelligence Co-ordinating Agency. Batalla confirmed that the main smugglers, Mr. Soto, had been named in the hearing, and was said to be working at the Manila International Container Port Subic, Cagayan de Oro, and Batangas.

Mr Batalla said the company had a list of 20 major smugglers, including Mr Storr. Mr. Battala at least said StayThe name of the government was in the listStayCials are suspected to protect smugglers.

Mr Batalla described his information as a preliminary investigation by a sub-task group on economic intelligence that needed to be verified.

He said other names remain classyStayEd

Under-Secretary of Commerce Ruth B. Casello said her department was seeking the BoC’s help in prosecuting smugglers because the department was not authorized to proceed with the trial. He reiterated the need for inter-agency cooperation.

“Since the inception of the Sub-Task Force on Economic Intelligence in February 2021, we have discovered misplaced and underestimated rice worth a total of P121 million,” he said.

Con’s total valueStayScattered goods under the activities of the Sub-Task Group of Economic Intelligence amounted to more than P600 million from February to date last year, ”he added.

Nikanar Bryones, a former party-list representative for the Philippine Agriculture Sector Alliance, also noted the lack of results in the case.

“It’s easy to sue, but it’s useless if nothing comes out of it,” he added. “When there are no results, people in the agricultural sector lose hope and confidence.” He said the average age of a Filipino farmer is 60, and smuggling is making it difficult to attract young people to farming. – Alyssa Nicole and. Tan

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