The sound of Ukraine

If I hadn’t listened to them

There are times when silence is the only source of motivation to survive. A time when every word reminds us of the catastrophic impact of the present moment on our future and existence. For better or for worse.

Every soul on Ukrainian territory has wanted to hear silence since the senseless war began a few weeks ago. However, despite their wishes, denying the current reality, the sounds echoing in the cities of Ukraine are a double-edged sword. The deafening, swaying sound of the siren spread across the sky, warning civilians of air strikes. On the one hand, they arouse fear and predict terrible events; On the other hand, they allow the population to respond and provide valuable time which often means their survival. Kiev, Kharkiv, Mariupol and Lviv now.

Well, I’m glad to hear that

One step back in history. The theory and origins of air raid siren mechanisms may have taken us back to 1799, but the world had to wait years for their actual use. I mean, it wasn’t waiting. See, considering the period of the discovery of air raid sirens, it can be almost certainly argued that they found their application at the beginning of the First World War. Yet, the so-called Great War was a “silent” time. The siren’s warning sound was only added to the WW2 “playlist” and was preceded by the ear-splitting sound of bombers and falling projectiles; The fluctuating tones are bad, but the statics are pretty good. These were the only guides and helpers deciding whether to hide or go out on the streets. Just be quick. Two steps ahead for the future.

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With the development of the aviation industry, human arrogance and the myriad eyes in the sky, the warning process has developed behind the scenes. From the development of anti-aircraft siren systems in the United Kingdom (1938-1939), to their years of use in occupied territories, such as the bombings in the former Yugoslavia and Chechnya, which is rather difficult to admit, but the present military conflict is the only Not a threat. Increasingly, mankind must seek protection from the dangers of Mother Earth, such as the weather. Although the siren sounds associated with military conflict are almost entirely European, nature is fighting us worldwide. Tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, fires, whatever I choose, warning systems can find their application.


Good and evil, fear and joy, anxiety and relief, or noise and silence. The world of contradictions is ubiquitous, and it is very important to achieve a state of balance even in the case of warning sirens. Whether in human awareness or in the precise use of these instruments. Although modern electronic sirens come straight out of dark history, today they exist as the smart devices of the new age that ensure their much needed alert and notification functions, but not only. They are believed to have crossed their shadow, their primary purpose, long ago.

Telegraph provides sirens and other warning systems in Europe (except for more than ninety countries). Despite the company’s constant innovation, general technological advances, and the increasing use of alarm devices, a test of sirens as a reminder of a grim history can only make people aware of them. And it was meant to be that way. It should be.

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