The Senate panel is considering a bill to limit e-Sabang to public holidays on Sunday.


A Senate committee said Monday it was considering a bill that would limit online cockfighting, known as e-sabang, to Sundays and holidays.

“There is a need to enact legislation to regulate the e-sabung industry, including restricting e-sabang operations to Sundays and legal holidays,” said Senator Ronald M. Della Rosa, chairman of the Public Order and Dangerous Drugs Committee, said during the hearing.

The bill also hopes to address the powers and functions of government agencies that regulate e-sabung, the tax system for operators and agents, and the installation of CCTV cameras at betting stations and cockfighting venues, he added.

At the hearing, Senator Francis N. Tolentino, chairman of the Senate Local Government Committee, said the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) would not allow e-Sabang to operate on religious holidays.

He said he had received reports that Pitmasters Live, an e-sub-operator run by Charlie Ang, known as “Autong” in the gaming trade, had run more than 200 matches on Good Friday.

“It simply came to our notice then. I don’t know why it was done, “he said.

Mr Talentino said it would take weeks or months to draft a law that would be abandoned for the 19th.M Congress that balances tax revenue needs while respecting religion.

Lawmakers have also proposed a no-your-customer policy that is currently being monitored by banks that will apply to e-sabung account registration stages that will monitor how the account is used, citing the need to prevent minors from betting on online cockfights.

“Our intention is that by implementing our recommendations, we will be able to prevent this unpleasant recurrence and with the help of our national police and the judiciary we will be able to hold those involved in the crime accountable and bring them to justice.” To the victims and their families, “said Mr. Della Rosa. – Alyssa Nicole and. Tan

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