The people behind the president have promised that they will not leave the race

Philippine Star / Russell Palma

By Kyle Aristophier T. EtienneFor, Reporter

Vice-President Maria Leoner “Lenny” G. The three presidential candidates on Sunday vowed not to withdraw from the race amid calls from some sectors to support Robredo and prevent another Marcos from becoming president.

“We will never give up our campaign,” said Manila Mayor Francisco “Isco” M. Domagoso, who is ranked No. 3 in the presidential poll, said in a hasty news briefing in the Filipino. “We will each continue our own candidacy to be eligible to be elected by the Filipino nation.”

He was accompanied by Senator Panfilo “Ping” M. Lexon and former national security adviser Norberto Gonzalez, who lagged behind in most opinion polls. Mr Domagoso said Mr Pacquiao, who was absent on Sunday, had also backed the statement.

The presidential bet was too focused on Mrs. Robredo instead of former Senators Ferdinand “Bambang” and Marcos Jr., who is leading the presidential opinion poll, said Jean Ensinas-Franco, who teaches political science at the University of the Philippines (UP).

“If you want to win, why are you hitting 2 and not 1 when there are more reasons to hit next?” He said in a Facebook Messenger chat.

Mr Marcos maintained his lead in a poll conducted last month by the president of Pulse Asia Research, Inc. 56% of Filipinos said they would vote for him, even if his rating dropped by 4 points.

Still in second place was Miss Robredo, whose rating rose 9 points to 24% He was followed by Mr. Domagoso (8%), Senator and Boxing Champion Emanuel “Manny” D. Pacquiao (6%), Mr. Lexon (2%), businessman Faisal Mangondato (1%), former cabinet official Ernesto C. Abella (0.1%), cardiologist Jose C. Montmeyer, Jr. (0.05%) and labor leader Liodegario “Ka Liodi” de Guzman (0.02%).

Mr. Gonzalez got zero.

Ibara M. Guterres III, a spokeswoman for Mrs. Robredo, said in an e-mailed statement that it was the prerogative of each candidate to continue in the end and ignore opinion polls and approvals.

“But when making these choices, shouldn’t we ask ourselves: should this claim be made through blaster and lies? Who benefits from such theatrics?” He asked.

“Perhaps, there would have been more depth to the silence; At the very least, it will show less self-righteousness, fragility and toxicity. “

“We are grateful that the alignments have been further clarified. And we are focused on showing our people that a Robredo presidency means victory for all Filipinos, “he added.

At Sunday’s briefing, three candidates accused Mrs. Robredo of negative campaigning against the camp. “Let’s stop fighting between the red and the yellow,” said Mr. Domagoso, pointing to the camp of Mr. Marcos and Mrs. Robredo, respectively. The other two candidates also attacked the opposition camp.

Mr Domagoso, who presented himself as an alternative candidate, called supporters of the vice-president “yellow”, an insulting term used against political supporters of the late President Benigno SC Aquino III.

His mother, the late President Korajan C. Aquino, led a popular street revolt led by the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos’s regime was overthrown – Bambang’s father – and he and his family were forced into exile in the United States in 1986. Miss Robredo is not a member of the Aquino clan.

Mr. Domagoso and Mr. Laxon also lamented how they were Forced to withdraw from the race, and they lost some supporters.

The issues raised by the candidates are “nothing new,” said Maria Ella L. Atienza, who also teaches political science in UP “A press release signed by all of them will suffice,” he said in a Viber message.

He noted that instead of focusing on the inconsistencies reported in the absentee polls, Mr Domagoso, Mr Laxman and Mr Gonzalez “focused on their victims and made allegations based on social media.”

“They sounded like Duterte apologists who just wanted to frame the country as divided into red and yellow,” he said. “It’s very simple and insulting to Filipino voters.”

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