The mother is the ‘highest politician’ in the family – Marcos

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By Kyle Aristophier T. EtienneFor, Reporter

Leading the Philippine presidency is Ferdinand “Bambang” R. Marcos Jr. on Tuesday night called his late father a “political genius” and his mother Emelda the “highest politician” in his family.

Still, running for president this year was ultimately his own decision, he told CNN Philippines.

“I don’t think even my father would mind if I said he was the highest politician in the family,” he said. “My father is a statesman. He is a political genius. “

A popular street revolt took place in 1986 under the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos’s regime was overthrown and he and his family were deported to the United States.

“He has always had a huge impact on everything,” Bambang said, referring to his mother. “My mother is really a politician. You can see it, ”he said in mixed English and Filipino languages.

He said his mother could communicate with anyone – “from her classmates I don’t know how many years ago the man who worked in the wet market was the Queen of England. Everyone becomes his friend. “

“I can say that every time I talk to my mother I learn something new, especially in serious discussions about politics. I always learn something new. So, yes, he has always had a huge impact on everything, “he added.

Mr Marcos, who is leading the presidential opinion poll, has been criticized for failing to join the national debate and refusing to answer media questions.

Arjan P., an instructor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Atenio de Manila. Aguirre said CNN interviews showed that his campaign seeks to promote nostalgia for his father’s military rule and political views.

“This is part of a larger political project aimed at providing an ideological basis for Marcos’s return to power,” he said in a Facebook Messenger chat. “It’s been going on for decades and it all started when they came back in the early 1990’s.”

“A closer look at her mother’s description of the ‘supreme politician’ reveals to us how Mr Marcos Jr. views his mother in terms of her role and participation in past marital dictatorships and in the current attempt to reorganize Marcosian politics, policy,” he said. Continuing to present as a royal dynasty that should be recognized.

“This statement only tells us that Imelda is an active player in all of this, that he has been there from the beginning,” Mr Aguirre said.

Marcos is accused of living a luxurious life at the Philippine presidential palace while Filipinos suffered from a collapsing economy, which declined by 7.3% in 1984 and 1985.

Mr Marcos acknowledged his privileged life and said he had been told by his family that everything they had and all the benefits they had received “came from the people”.

He has promised to prioritize prices and jobs if he becomes president.

Jan Robert R. Go, a political science professor at the University of the Philippines, said: “Another way to look at it is that his father was actually a political genius, prolonging his term and silencing his critics.”

According to Amnesty International, more than 70,000 people were imprisoned, about 34,000 were tortured and more than 3,000 died under the military rule of the dictator.

“Like his father, Marcos Jr. is a weaver of fables to turn history upside down for the benefit of his family,” said Liza L., a former congresswoman. Maza, one of the victims of the military coup, said in a messenger chat.

Mr Marcos said he would strengthen the Presidential Commission on Good Government – which was set up to recover the wealth his father and friends had acquired in the 1980s – and would be tasked with pursuing new goals. “If any of my relatives are corrupt, the name of that person will come out, not just us, but everyone, without just pointing themselves at Marcos.”

The dictator stole about 10 10 billion (P522 billion) from the Filipino population, earning him, according to official estimates. Guinness World Records “For the biggest robbery of the government.”

During a CNN interview, Marcos, Jr.’s answers show that he does not admit that atrocities took place during his father’s military rule, Maria Ella El. Atienza, a professor of political science at UP, said. “This is an insult not only to the victims, but to the entire Filipino people,” he said in a Viber message.

His refusal to acknowledge history is a betrayal of his promise of unity and a recipe for political catastrophe after he took office, he added. “If he wins, he will be a very divisive president. He didn’t even prove that his parents had a smart mind and strategy. “

Amy Ruth Xianan, who teaches economics at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, said a possible Marcos presidency could lead to “economic instability.”

His message of unity could be bad for the economy as it could pose a serious challenge to the government’s anti-corruption drive, he added.

“A potential Marcos president would not enjoy the trust and support of the international community in terms of grants and funding for their family’s sins,” he said. “Overall, this kind of leadership would not be as good for an already new economy as in the Philippines.”

Political instability under a possible Marcos presidency is “not far off,” said Jaiza Nadine Sujara, a public finance expert and executive director of i-Lead. “If that happens, the economy will collapse because instability does not inspire business confidence.”

“It simply came to our notice then. In the end, ordinary Filipinos will again be adversely affected by the collapse of the economy, “he said in a messenger chat.

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