The LGU Treasurer has hired 958 to promote the corps

Local government units (LGUs) have seen the installation of 958 treasurers since 2016 who are being counted on to professionalize financial management at the LGU level, the finance department (DOF) said in a statement on Wednesday.

Nino Raymond B., executive director of the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF). Alvina said that between January 1 and March 2, Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez approved the appointment of 45 treasurers. In 2021, 261 treasurers were appointed.

Under Sections 470 (a) and 471 (a) of the Republic Act No. 7160 of the Local Government Code, local government treasurers and assistant treasurers are appointed by the finance secretary from a list of governor or eligible candidates. Mayor.

According to In the official gazetteThe Philippines has 144 cities and 1,490 municipalities.

Mr. Dominguez has stated that candidates who have not passed the standardized examination and evaluation for Local Treasury Service (SEAL) Level 1 or Basic Competency for Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE) cannot be appointed as Treasurer or Officer-in-In. Charges, unless they make an appointment that precedes the policy of passers-by only.

SEAL, which is being implemented in partnership with the Civil Service Commission, and has been formalized under the Order No. 053-2016 of the DoF Department, gives certificates to the treasurer candidates at three levels. It aims to “build a culture of professionalism, excellence, integrity and efficiency in local treasury services,” Mr Alvina added.

Certification levels are functional (level 1), manager (level 2), and leadership (level 3).

Applicants are reviewed under the DoF Department Personnel Order No. 477-2019, which includes a two-stage screening and negotiation process to find the “most qualified and eligible candidates”.

Other assessment criteria include educational background, treasury experience, work performance, and relevant training.

Mr Alvina said the BLGF would place more importance on seal test performance when appointing treasurer and assistant treasurer, following Mr Dominguez’s instructions.

Under the Supreme Court’s Mandanas ruling, which takes effect this year, local governments must receive greater allocations from national government revenues, and have the power to manage and spend increased allocations.

“This year, the CSC will conduct the SEAL Level 1 exam or BCLTE on April 24, 2022 and October 23, 2022, where the qualification between the SEAL Level 2 exam or the local treasury exam is August 7, 2022,” DoF said. – Tobias Jared Thomas

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