The government has also invited bids from bus suppliers for the Davao transit fleet

Davao City Government.

The government has invited bidders to participate in an auction for a bus supply contract for the P73.93-billion Davao City Bus System project.

The Department of Transportation says the government is looking for suppliers of diesel and electric buses for a project funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The department said in its bid invitation that the auction was “open to bidders from eligible ADB countries.”

“Bidders can only bid for one contract or for both contracts (diesel and electric bus),” it added.

Bids should be delivered to the purchasing agent of the Procurement Services Transportation Department of the Manila Budget and Management Department on or before May 12.

A pre-bid conference is scheduled for April 8.

The department noted that bidders for diesel and electricity contracts would have to submit separate bids instead of a single combined bid.

Depending on the category, it will evaluate and compare bids separately for each contract or on the basis of multiple contracts in order to reach the lowest cost combination.

It said discounts offered by bidders would be considered for multiple contract awards.

“Any discounts offered by bidders for submission of tenders for multiple contracts and the procedure for applying for any discounts will be specified in the bids included in its bids for each contract.”

The department recently called for bidders for three contract packages of the project covering the construction of Buhangin Depot, Kalinan Depot and Kalinan Driving School.

The second agreement covers the Torrell Depot and Terminal, the Bunawan Terminal and the Kalinan Terminal, while the third agreement covers the civil works of the bus route, including the improvement of bus stops, bus lanes and other pedestrians.

The bus system will have 29 routes with a total route network of 672 km, with more than 580 km of roads covering the entire city of Davao.

The project is expected to start operations in August 2023.

Former transport assistant secretaries Godes Hope and Libiran said The commercial world The cost of the civil works component in December will be P19.71 billion, while the cost of both bus fleet, diesel and electric will be P21.17 billion. – RJ L Balinbin

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