The director of the PPE firm has resigned following an investigation into Michelle Mon’s allegations

A director of the PPE firm who is under investigation for his links to Tory Pierre and underwear tycoon Michelle Mon has abruptly left the company.

Voirrey Coole, 40, has been an executive at PPE Medpro since its inception on May 12, 2020.

That same month, Lady Mone – who has strongly denied any involvement with the company – recommended to the Cabinet Office a potential supplier.

The firm has won a 203 million contract to supply face masks and surgical gowns to the NHS.

In January, Labor peer George Foulcos referred Lady Mone – who is married to Isle of Man-based billionaire Doug Baroman – to the House of Lords commissioners for a standard on PPE MedPro.

They have confirmed that she will be investigated and it is understood that the investigation will look closely at any connection between her and her husband PPE MedPro director Anthony Page and Mrs. Cool.

Yesterday’s papers announced that Mrs. Cool – another Isle of Man resident – had left the firm.

The company’s filing announced that his appointment had been canceled, but his own list announced that he had resigned.

Mone, who hasn’t posted on her Twitter feed for almost four months – last said on January 7 ‘I love to do makeup to feel my best’.

Lady Moon has repeatedly denied any links to the company, which she recommended to the Cabinet Office in May 2020 as a potential supplier.

Although it has no formal official affiliation with the company, its denials have come under investigation thanks to a publicly documented connection between Anthony Page, owner of PPE MedPro, and businesses run by Lady Moon and her husband, Mr. Baroman.

Labor peer George Fowlcase referred him to the commissioners in January this year.

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