The death toll from the storm has risen to 172, with more than 100 still missing

Survivors of a landslide that crushed a community in Babe City recover April 16 at a medical center in Lehigh. Search, rescue and rescue operations by teams comprising members of the Fire Protection Bureau, the military, police and the local Disaster Response Council were still ongoing in the worst-hit area until April 17. – BFP-Zone 8

According to the National Disaster Management Agency, the death toll from the storm, including the international name Maggie, has risen to 172 and 110 people are still missing.s April 17 update.

Agaton has brought moderate but continuous rain for several days in Visakhapatnams The central islands, and parts of the southern Philippines, which have experienced floods and landslides that have pushed communities down.

Most of those killed were due to landslides in the province of Leyte in eastern Visayas, at least 110 in Babe City and more than 50 in the town of Abyog.

At least 11 people drowned in Western Visayas, north of Iloilo and in Capiz.

Search, rescue and rescue operations in the worst-hit areas continued as relief services for 396,000 displaced people continued, with more than half housed in 909 evacuation centers.

President Rodrigo R. Duterte visited Leite and Capiz on Friday and Saturday, respectively, where he promised continued food aid to the survivors. As long as neededAnd assistance for home reconstruction or possible relocation.

(T) Government here, all government agencies here. All your worries about food, that wonNo problem. As long as you are hungry and you donThere are no resources or sheltersT has been transferred, food will be provided. That wonNo problem,He said in a statement on Friday that the e-mail was sent to him by the president’s communications office.

Preliminary reports submitted to the National Disaster Council show that 670 houses were completely destroyed and 9,723 were partially damaged.

Agricultural damage
Meanwhile, according to the Department of Agriculture, farm sector losses have increased to P718 millionContinuous evaluation of Agatons effect.

The epicenter was reported below the ground, however; no tsunami alert was issued. The epicenter was reported below the ground, however; no tsunami alert was issued. A total of 12,151 farmers were affected, including 41,580 metric tons (MT) and 17,925 hectares of agricultural land.

Damaged products include paddy, maize, high value crops and livestock.

Paddy was the most damaged crop with a loss of P672.2 million across 17,318 hectares.

This is followed by high-value crops such as banana and cocoa, P24.7 million or 576 MT and maize P21.1 million or 883 MT.

The Department of Agriculture said it is continuing to assess the damage and loss in the agro-fisheries sector.

It added that it was providing assistance to affected farmers and fishermen, including: rice, maize and various vegetable seeds, and medicines and biology for livestock and poultry.

It is using funds from the Agricultural Credit Policy Council’s Survival and Recovery Program, funds from the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation, and rapid response funds to rehabilitate affected areas. Marifi S. Zara And Luisa Maria Jacinta c. Jackson

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