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Bitcoin recently climbed above the 45,000 resistance level at the end of March 2022, reached $ 48k and still holds that area, retested $ 45k and opened April at ance 45,500 in Binance.

The $ 45k level was lost as support in January and then Bitcoin was rejected there four times when it tried to reclaim.

The breakout has prompted many to question whether the market structure has finally flipped back to the bullish side – ending the bearish downtrend with Bitcoin reaching its all-time high of $ 69k, and total crypto market cap reaching $ 3 trillion. Reached this height by the end of 2021.

If this is the beginning of a new bull cycle – and not just a deviation or ‘fakeout’ – now would be a good time to invest in the best new cryptocurrency with low market cap. News of the Fed raising interest rates has boosted investor confidence in asset risks such as stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Low cap coins rally the hardest in an ‘altcoin season’ that usually follows the persuasive move to the opposite of bitcoin and etherium. The return of ETH above $ 3,000 could signal an incoming alt season for DeFi coins in the Ethereum blockchain.

The recent news that Elon Musk has been given a seat on the Twitter board is also seen as bullish because he has long been a proponent of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin and dozecoin and meme coins like Shiva Inu. DOGE has pumped about 30% in two days, following this news.

Top New Crypto to Invest in 2022 – 2023

Below are two of our picks for the best new cryptocurrency in terms of attractive use, more than Dogecoin which was created as a joke and can still get back the ‘Elon Pump’, as it has historically withdrawn every 10-30% of the pump.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is a relatively new crypto project that sold its presale in early January. Its local currency, the LBLOCK, was then opened for trading on January 26 at Pancakeswap.

The market capitalization of LBLOCK is very low in the following six figures and therefore can pump hard in an altcoin season – it has already managed to gain 65x from the initial price of 000 0.00020 to the current all time high of 00 0.0097.

A correction has been made after that price – it is currently about 70% discount from its ATH – as is the norm in cryptocurrency schemes. Drawdowns and low price points can present a good opportunity to ‘buy dives’ before the next leg up. Altcoins tend to have at least two bull cycles.

Lucky Block is a decentralized gaming and gifting project, holding daily prize draws that provide passage income to its token holders. To find out more, visit the Lucky Block website, read the white paper and browse the roadmap.

LBLOCK is only listed for sale on a centralized exchange, LBank, which makes it difficult for whales to change prices – Pancakeswap cannot sell DEX cryptocurrencies short.

Lucky Block recently unveiled an NFT collection on the new NFT Marketplace NFT Launchpad, which also gives holders an additional way to win prizes in exclusive prizes. Their app has also been successfully launched in the Google Play Store for Android.

  • When it is launched for trading – January 26, 2022
  • Price range now – $ 0.002 – $ 0.004
  • Current market cap – $ 115,000
  • Completely mixed market cap – $ 300 million
  • com Rank – # 3471
  • Where to buy – Pancakeshop, Elbank
  • Which Exchange to Buy – Decentralized Crypto Gaming, Passive Income

ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin is an even newer crypto and metaverse related project. APE was first airdrop to board app yacht club NFT owners and was subsequently listed for trading on almost all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinbase even took the time to do a tweet to promote it, as there was excitement and buzz around the new currency. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a new emerging asset class that has attracted the attention of corporations like VISA and even world governments – the United Kingdom announced this week that its Royal Mint will create its own NFT.

ApeCoin will be a governance token that powers a Bored Apes Metaverse designed by Yuga Labs, the maker of BAYC.

The APE and the board follow a loyal cult of NFT and have a big company behind them. Yuga Labs has been valued at $ 5 billion and has already raised $ 450 million for seed round funding for its Metavers project.

Big investors include celebrities like Google, FTX Exchange, Adidas and Colin Kepernick, Snoop Dogg and Shaak (Shakil O’Neill).

However, the only concern is its high total supply – one billion APE coins. This will make it a little harder to pump for a long time, especially since not all of them are still in circulation (currently around 25-30%).

  • When it was launched for trading – March 2022
  • Price range now – 11 – $ 12
  • Current market cap – $ 3 billion
  • Completely mixed market cap – 11 billion
  • com Rank – # 345
  • Buy on any exchange – Binance, Coinbase, eToro, Bybit, FTX
  • Use case – P2E crypto gaming, metaverse token

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