Taiwan’s prime minister has called for a speedy passage of the Chip Protection Act

TaiwanOf Premier Quickly called Passage From the correction Law Obligation of severe punishment to prevent China from stealing Chip Technology says an effective deterrent to threats from the “red supply chain” is needed.

In February, TaiwanIts cabinet has proposed tightening rules amid growing concerns in Taipei that Beijing, which claims the democratically ruled island as its own territory, is stepping up its economic espionage. Read the full story

Art giant TSMC Home 2330.TW And the world’s most advanced semiconductor, accounting for 92% of production capacity Taiwan China has what it needs – Chip Spade skills.

ChipCreated by Taiwan Used in everything from fighter jets to mobile phones, and the government has long been concerned about Chinese efforts to replicate those successes, including economic espionage, smuggling talent, and other methods. Read the full story

TaiwanThat Premier Suu Kyi told a cabinet meeting that the “red supply chain” – referring to the color of China’s ruling Communist Party – was using various methods to “infiltrate”. TaiwanTake its talent and steal its technology, his office said in a statement late Monday.

He added that law enforcement agencies need to work together to crack down and investigate.

Sue said she had asked the Justice Department to work with parliament to ensure that amendments to the proposed law were passed “at the earliest” in February.

The Ministry of Economy and other departments, including the China-policy-making Mainland Affairs Council, should increase fines for Chinese companies. TaiwanTalent has to be smuggled “to have a deterrent effect”, he added.

TaiwanIts cabinet is proposing a new offense for “economic espionage” under the National Security Act, which carries up to 12 years in prison for those who leak key technology to China or “foreign enemy forces.”

China has sought to strengthen its military and diplomatic pressure Taiwan To accept the claim of its sovereignty.

TaiwanIts government says 23 million people on the island alone can determine their future and will defend themselves if attacked. – Reuters

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