Summer drive with a new Lexus

Lose the heat with a long awaited road trip on a Lexus RX Lexus IS

It’s hard to ignore the open street calls in the summer season. A trip to the beach, mountain or other town with family and loved ones is a great way to relax and rejuvenate the soul. These experiences are invaluable, and as such, your mode of transport should be equally fruitful. Here are two iconic Lexus models that will complement your driving personality.

Choose Lexus RX, and will be treated with zero% interest for up to 18 months and free two year periodic maintenance service. The RX is the first luxury crossover SUV to proudly carry a Lexus badge. When it debuted in 1998, it laid the groundwork for what would become a highly successful nameplate. To date, the RX is the most popular Lexus sold in the Philippines. This is not surprising, indeed, considering how the model has evolved, not only in appearance, but also in build quality, technology and practicality.

Choose Lexus IS and get free two year periodic maintenance service For driving enthusiasts, the Lexus IS Sport sedan is the obvious choice for road carving. A delightful drive from behind the wheel is waiting for you. Since the debut of the first-generation IS in 1999, the model has followed the thrill of driving uniquely from a compact rear-wheel-drive sports sedan. IS has captured the hearts of more than one million enthusiasts worldwide, and the number is growing

In the heat of summer, it’s time to start planning a great escape with Lexus that will fulfill your desires.

The RX 350 (P4,498,000) confirms its presence on different roads and in different driving situations. Beneath its hood is a 3.5-liter V6 direct-injection engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Items controlled are adaptive variable suspensions that consistently adjust the shock absorber damping rates in realtime. Not only does this boost the driver’s confidence, it also keeps the ride as smooth as expected from the Lexus.

The RX 350 F Sport (P5,158,000) shares the same ‘F’ spirit and enhances the sporty driving experience with a few key features. Inside is a unique F-Sport dial with full-length illuminated needles that add an element of excitement. The cabin is furnished with dimple leather with an exclusive perforated finish on the steering wheel and shift knob. And then there’s the aluminum pedal, exclusive to the F Sport models.

The IS 300h (P2,978,000) and IS 300h Premier (P3,328,000) were built on a philosophy of pleasing aesthetic and emotional values ​​to follow linear activity that is faithful to the driver’s purpose. To create the desired driving sensation, Lexus engineers return to the basics to develop a comfortable driving experience.

The IS F Sport (P3,808,000) is fitted with a dark metallic finish with 19-inch multi-spoke wheels that pay homage to the RC and LC models. There are 235/40 R19 tires for the front and 265/35 R19 tires for the rear to keep in touch with the road below. These performance tires provide the necessary grip and stability during energetic driving.

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