Suezan Homes: Empowering high-growth firms with automated insights

A professional career spanning the globe, primarily working in corporate finance and M&A, with significant business transformation projects for the World Bank, Suezan Holmes His skill has made his mark in the business world. Today, he is leading with a vision of growing up with confidence CEO Of ScaleXP.

With a learning attitude, Suezan always captures new skills, expanding the scope of his work in multiple roles. In her professional journey, she took a break to pursue an MBA in Finance at the Wharton Business School, which coincided with the Spanish stream of their Lauder program. His versatility in looking at the business allows him to be the CFO of various corporations in London before focusing on the high-growth SME business.

A small but more aggressively expanded business transition in Suezan led to the formation of ScaleXP. He insists, “My single biggest surprise while working on this new platform was the complexity of access and understanding of customer growth. I expect information with one click; My highest growth customer this year compared to last year and then a few more clicks; An analysis of common features (sector, size, location, our contact headings). Allowing the identification of similar companies to be targeted as a new customer in the end, so that as CFO I can have a significant impact on growth. “

“This data is very difficult to access and understand, but with my professional and technical experience, I knew the problem could be solved.” Suezan explains.

Universe Denting

As CFO of corporate and top growth companies in the UK, Suezan has learned first hand the challenges of maintaining a 200% + CAGR. More importantly, he learned how non-corporates are usually limited by the lack of affordable software solutions to uncover and learn from their data.

Suezan reveals that hardworking and diligent companies struggle to manually create complex, error-prone spreadsheets to grasp the basics. Each ‘data cycle’ takes days. The information generated by benchmarks and broad KPI options and the insights gained are immediately accessible and should always be at the fingertips of CFOs, CEOs and the larger executive team.

Suezan noted, “Combining my technical and financial experience, we have come up with the power of software to carry; Specifically, we used the accessibility and cost benefits of ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). As a result, ScaleXP is becoming a game-changer in the B2B software space. Automating and streamlining the reporting process to save money allows professionals to provide insights into customer-centric advice. I think it’s because of this groundbreaking approach that I’ve been runner-up in the UK Female Entrepreneur of the Year award. “

Grow up with confidence

ScaleXP aims to help high-growth companies, unlike large multinationals, use their data power to make the best decisions for their business. Large corporations have invested in multi-million dollar systems and business units just to focus on crushing their data. ScaleXP makes this capability affordable and manageable by a finance professional – democratizing access to business benefits from data.

ScaleXP’s cloud-reporting software integrates financial, sales and marketing data into one dashboard to facilitate data-driven decisions and energy growth. The goal is to help you make a well-known decision with confidence as a founder, startup or investor. Using its interactive dashboard and insights, growth trajectories and potential hurdles can be shared between your team, board or even investors.

The software has over 100 automated KPIs tailored to your business type and industry – no need for manual calculations and formulas in your spreadsheet. Days, even weeks, are saved. The ScaleXP approach should be an essential tool-set within the global high-growth business community, exposing the power of internal data and keeping it at the fingertips of all aspiring business leaders.

Suezan shares, “We are formed against a background of disruption and confusion and counterfeit business. Our culture is one of perseverance and dedication to information disclosure that leads to self-understanding and awareness; For ourselves as a member of the ScaleXP team, ScaleXP as a company and for our clients and users. “

Technical edge

ScaleXP is a deep technology platform that integrates data from accounting and sales systems to automate dashboards and reports.

The platform combines data from accounting systems (Quickbook, Zero, Sage) and sales systems to provide a comprehensive business picture. Its CEO and CFO highlight dashboard issues Impressive and comprehensive presentations no longer take hours to prepare. Graph and financial are prepared for you. You add comments, literally save hours of tedious admin. All of which is acquired on its server, then distributed to the user via the cloud, as a SaaS solution.

Data analysis shift

The basic goal of ScaleXP is to democratize the costly conservation of larger corporations. Systems Integrators have been installing and operating analytical systems for decades on complex and complex data warehouses, data marts and data lakes.

Suezan says that in the early stages, high-growth businesses don’t have to wait until they can carry a data analysis department run by 50+ people operating these legacy systems; They can bypass all this and start now for the advancement of technology. He shares, “One of the major changes in the ‘data-driven industry’ set to deliver huge benefits is AI-driven business analysis or intelligence. ScaleXP is already a partner of AI leaders in academia where we collaborate on very practical research. “

Above and beyond

The immediate focus of ScaleXP is to provide a great product and a growing army of high-growth companies around the world. It will continue to expand, explore, research and deploy best practices that further risk its clients’ ambitions, but it also learns from the user community as it unfolds new situations.

“In the long run, I want to see our client community become a valuable point in itself; Like-minded professionals are open to mutual understanding of how their relevant sectors are performing, where there are opportunities and threats. Suezan clarifies.

Guide to the next generation

Suezan understands that an entrepreneur’s journey is very personal and has unique reasons. He says “Equipped with a great idea, you should evaluate which case you need the most help with; a thorough, honest assessment of what skills you don’t have. Then go out and find your partners who meet the skill set requirements. But be aware that it Very, very difficult; personality, ability and reliability are hard to measure. In many ways, this is your biggest challenge. Many VCs will tell you that they will support a great team with a good idea. The wheel

“But assuming you have a great idea and a great team, you’ve created a product and are an early user, I have to say (with a little tongue) that you really need your business metrics to raise money, and present it consistently, In short, you need ScaleXP. “

“Besides, in February 2022, ScaleXP hosted an event to fund entrepreneurs in 2022: What the Experts Say.” At the event, we had a panel of London-based industry experts giving their input on important areas such as invoice factoring, venture capital and how to reach investors. Suez ends.

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