SC: Owner of Taguig Fort Bonifacio


In a three-decade dispute with Makati City, the Supreme Court (SC) has retained ownership of the 729-hectare Bonifacio Global City Complex and several villages in Taguig City.

In a 52-page decision dated 1 December but published only on Wednesday, the tribunal favored Taguig on the basis of historical, documentary and testimony.

“We found that Taguig presented evidence that was more credible and credible than those given to Makati,” it said, confirming a 2011 judgment by a passage trial court and subsequent appeals court’s decision.

The judgment, written by Justices Ricardo and Rosario, added, “We rule that Taguig has a higher claim to the disputed area.”

In 1994, the trial court restrained the Makati City Government from exercising jurisdiction over the land created by Fort Bonifacio, the so-called Inner Fort which consists of the villages of Pembo, Combo, Sembo, South Sembo, West Rambo, East Rambo and East Rambo. Pitogo.

These include the Philippine Army Headquarters, Naval Establishment, Marines Headquarters, Consular Area, Joint US Military Assistance Group Area, Heritage Park, Livinggun and Bayani, AFP Officers Village and so-called six villages. – Norman P. Aquino

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