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According to the Philippine authorities Health Department (DoH), on April 2, a Finnish citizen visiting Baguio City in the north of the country detected a mutation in the Omicron coronavirus variant.

The agency said in a statement on Wednesday that the 52-year-old foreigner had returned home “healthy”. She was not isolated because she was fully vaccinated and did not show any symptoms when she arrived.

Nine close acquaintances of the woman with the Omicron BA 2.12 mutation were identified, two of which were tested and found negative, DoH said. The woman traveled to a university in Quezon City and Baguio City to conduct the seminar.

Nine days after his arrival, the patient experienced mild symptoms such as headache and sore throat. “The next day, he tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).”

The sublineage of the Omicron variant has been flagged by the US Center for Disease Control (US-CDC).

Scientists are still identifying these Omicron subliners in terms of contagiousness and if they could cause more serious disease.

“Preliminary data have shown that their mutations are associated with higher transmissibility,” it says. “However, there is currently no evidence that these sublineases cause more serious disease.” – Kyle Aristophier T. Atienja

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