7 Ways to Save Time and Money on Business Travel

When it comes to business travel, most SMEs are itching to get back on the road! But this increase in demand is compounded by long-term airline capacity issues, not to mention rising fuel costs, which means higher prices – at a time when most businesses are under budget pressure.

Fortunately, there are ways to save significantly on business trips. This means shifting from unmanaged travel to managed travel (in other words, partnering with the right travel management company) but you will reap the benefits in terms of both time and money.

Nowadays, travel booking is not really about getting the cheapest rates. It’s about T&C, flexibility and ease of booking – how about five minutes instead of 50? Then there is an impressive transaction and fare access to think about and immediate assistance if a flight is canceled or needs to be rescheduled.

More than that, it’s about looking at your costs from a higher convenience point and saving on every step of the journey, from pre-booking to what’s happening in a month.

Here are 7 ways to save time and money on business trips

View your information

Imagine the value you get by looking at your original travel numbers in black and white. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either For example, how often does your team travel? Can it be booked in advance?

There are endless ways to get the most out of your travel budget by finding skills and spotting small changes (even big ones). Every day our teams find new ways to optimize the travel expenses of our customers.

Set the rules

Did you know that form travel rules, aka travel policy, are the number one way to save money on travel? Truth be told, it is very difficult to control spending if everyone can book where, when and what they want.

The borders are good. And it doesn’t have to be many, even the simplest travel policies can make a huge difference

But it does help to get everything on paper, including:

  • Which airlines would you like to book your team with?
  • Guidelines on Economics, Premier and Business Class
  • If a hotel has a cap on how much they can spend per night
  • Who gets it all signed off

Stop pushing your ‘go’ person

Many SMEs have one person who takes care of all the travel bookings. Often it involves their daily responsibilities, but they are great at it so it is easy to maintain stability.

Putting it on top can be a lot, especially if the team is growing fast and travel requests are coming in dense and fast.

One of our clients, Holovis (the brain behind the theme park rides and AR / VR experiences around the world), discovered this when his team grew from 32 to 125. As an experienced design company, they have to travel across engineers and designers. Globe, often in teams, and with multiple stops along the way. It all got a little complicated.

In-house travel bookers carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders when it comes to managing requests, costs and post-trip admins. And if something really goes wrong if you’ve really felt for them.

Corporate Traveler has saved Holovis a lot of time and money by taking care of all their bookings, including last minute trips and changes. And if ever an event or incident happens (think of an unexpected border closure) we are here to bring their travelers home.

Keep your team focused on the day’s work

Even when things go awry, booking travel on the Internet is not the best use of your team time. Booking a business trip on the Internet can take up to 49 minutes (or more) when you search, compare prices, check availability, and book. With a TMC onboard you’ll be able to do this in five minutes (and get the best price available per day).

To be clear, is Mary in Sales spending too much time on InsertAirlineHere.com when she should close her deal or run sales training?

Trade SOS calls for 24-hour support

Why when things go wrong, is it always after hours? The boss and travel manager received an SOS call from a distressed traveler on Saturday evening. Not the way you want to spend your weekend – stuck in a call center!

With the right travel companion, you will never be in that position. Dedicated After Hour Support Team means your travelers can go directly to the experts.

Make any crisis more manageable

How do you even begin to measure the stress that unexpected travel changes or events cause to your team, especially if they travel through COVID? This is not something you need to consider if you have a managed travel program in place.

In any crisis, big or small, a TMC will take care of all admins and systems as soon as possible and painlessly. And they will make sure that the related costs do not go to OTT!

It’s nice to know that when things get pear-shaped, a travel expert can take the reins.

Knowledge is power

In fact, these travel skills are invaluable. You can start a start-up or be a professional in running your business, but travel in 2022 is a completely new ball game.

Our team has a lot of experience and industry knowledge – and all the travel connections you can expect (if things don’t go according to plan, we can get a fee waiver).

Knowledge is power. That’s why we put together an SME Corporate Travel Toolkit. It will guide you on how to create the perfect travel policy, where savings can be found without compromising the safety of travelers, the loss of unmanaged travel and much more.

Andy Hegley

After working on a business trip for 10 years, Andy became the General Manager of Corporate Traveler in 2017, bringing with him a wealth of experience from previous roles in business development, account management and operations. Andy’s focus is on providing a superior customer service experience that clients will not find anywhere else, and offering products and services to make business travel easier. Listening to personal needs, Andy believes we can help our clients run their business objectives.

Automated Management – Is It Good?

Best for Bloom 401k:

  • Retirement account management
  • There is no minimum investment
  • Reasonable fees
  • A more hands-off approach

Advantages – Disadvantages


  • Manages your 401k
  • No account minimum
  • Free analysis on your profile
  • Manages most types of retirement plans
  • Professional management with access to advisors


  • More restrictions on IRA plans

Who is Bloom 401 – What is it?

Bloom 401k is a robo-advisor that specializes in retirement plans – even corporate-sponsored ones. Bloom can work seamlessly with what your company is going through and is the only platform that can do it.

Bloom has gradually expanded its reach to include IRA accounts. Once you’ve signed up for your account and filled out the relevant information, you’ll need to log in to your retirement account. Bloom will then conduct a free analysis of your investment profile and advise you.

Free analysis is very helpful because it can help unravel any hidden fees you may have paid and eliminate or at least reduce them. The results of your analysis will consider your age, the age at which you plan to retire, and your risk tolerance to determine the best investment method.

Bloom 401k features

What exactly does Bloom Leisure Management offer?


There is a fee in mind for the service and you will be happy to know that Blooom’s fee is quite affordable compared to some other Robo-Advisory plans. Instead of charging a percentage of your assets annually, Bloom only charges a flat fee. How much it will cost depends on the plan you choose.

You get 3 different plans of your choice – Required, Standard and Unlimited at $ 45, $ 120 and $ 250 respectively.

Naturally, what you get with each plan is different. The Unlimited plan opens access to all Bloom features, including personalized accounts, auto-optimization, and priority advisor access.

The Standard Plan has everything from Unlimited Plans except Priority Advisor Access – regular service only. After all, the Essential Plan is the most basic, giving you only a personalized portfolio.

Available accounts

Blooom 401k supports a variety of accounts. There are 401k, 403b, 457, 401a and TSP in terms of employer-sponsored accounts.

For IRAs, Bloom’s available IRA accounts include traditional, ROTH, SIMPLE, SEP, spousal, and non-deductible IRAs.

Financial advisor

Bloom is a robo-advisory platform that gives specific clients access to real-person financial advisors. There’s no denying the benefits of being a robo-advisor, but getting advice from a real person will give you a level of interaction with an AI.

You will not get access to advisors with the Essential Plan, but you will get access with the Standard and Unlimited plans. However, you will only get priority services with unlimited plans.


Don’t worry, Bloom has no direct control over your retirement account. The power is still with a parent. Bloom is merely loyal and has a duty to put your interests first.

Automated rebalancing

One of the most reliable ways to offset market volatility is redistribution. The automatic rebalancing feature will monitor your investments so that you stay focused.

What’s great about Bloom is that they take an active approach. The platform will review your account every 95 days to make sure such changes are needed.

Customer support

If Bloom 401k has an error, we must say it is customer support. Why? Because Bloom doesn’t support phones. Compared to other platforms, many of which have 24/7 customer service over the phone, it really sheds light on the platform’s accessibility.

Even without phone support, Bloom still offers efficient email and live chat options during their business hours, from 9am to 4pm Central Time Monday to Friday. Hopefully, Bloom will integrate phone services in the future


As one of the only services offering 401k management, Bloom’s reviews are very favorable. If you don’t know how to manage your own leisure account, Bloom is for you. It is compatible with many types of accounts and may allow you to take a hands-off approach. Learn more about Bloom here.

We do not recommend Bloom if you have less than 20K in your account because the annual management fee (depending on the plan) may not work for you.

What are the main differences between manual and automated testing methods?

Software testing is important for bug detection and necessary product improvements. Through this process, developers can test whether the expected results match the actual results. This process is usually conducted across SDLC to ensure that the organization is committed to delivering quality products to customers.

Initially, this process was done manually, but over time things have improved and automation testing has begun. Both processes are beneficial to SDLC, but there is a major difference between them. Before diving into the differences, let’s first understand each of them.

Automation testing

Automation testing is usually performed using automated testing equipment to run test case suits. The automated software enters the test data into the system as it passes the test. Expected results are then compared, and detailed test reports are generated for analysis purposes.

Adequate funds and resources are required to ensure that this process runs smoothly. Sometimes, test suits are recorded and replayed later if necessary. There are different types of automation testing including smoke testing, integration testing, functional testing and unit testing.

Smoke testing does not test the stability of the system. Complete integration testing evaluates compliance with specific operational requirements. Functional testing is used to see if the software meets the predefined requirements. Finally, unit testing is used to test whether individual units of the source code are appropriate.

Manual testing

It is a software testing method where test cases are run manually without automated tools. Manual testing is usually mandatory for each new advanced software before automation testing is performed. Experienced testers usually perform this, but that does not mean that the software is bug-free.

Here, test cases are executed according to the end-user perspective. Testers, people, check if the software is working as mentioned in the required documents. Test cases are designed and implemented throughout the process to make the software application 100% complete.

There are several types of manual testing that you can use for your software application. These include White Box Testing, Black Box Testing and Gray Box Testing. In White Box testing, developers check every line of code before forwarding the code to testers. Black box testing is usually performed by testers who evaluate the performance of an application. And finally, gray box testing is usually performed by testers who understand both coding and testing.

That said, let’s now focus on the significant differences between manual testing and automation testing.

Test accuracy

One of the significant differences between manual and automation tests is the accuracy of the expected results. There are a lot of human flaws in manual testing that put it behind the automation test in terms of performance. This means that automation testing produces more accurate results than the manual testing process. As a result, the reliability of test results in manual tests is very low.

Test coverage

Automation testing has increased test coverage, while manual testing does not provide adequate coverage. This means that automation tests can provide quality results. On the other hand, manual testing only covers the permutation of several devices and operating systems. In that case, you need to consider whether the test you have used is based on your priorities and risk analysis.

Human observation

Human observation is very important in the process of software testing. Otherwise, how do you feel about the customer experience? Manual testing allows for human observation, while automation testing does not include human observation. This means that automation testing cannot guarantee user-friendliness in products, while manual testing guarantees a positive customer experience.

Initial investment

The initial investment in automated testing is usually higher, while the initial investment in manual testing is relatively low. The initial investment is crucial when determining the method you will use to test your software.

In automation testing, you will bear the cost of the product and other maintenance costs, while in manual testing you will not have to bear the cost of purchase. However, the return on investment in automation testing is higher than in manual testing.

Parallel execution and batch testing

In automation testing, the testing process can be implemented on different platforms in parallel with less time. In contrast, the same process can be implemented in a manual process with increased resources. In the case of batch testing, you can batch different test scripts for overnight execution in automation testing, whereas you cannot batch test scripts in manual testing.

Test report visibility

In automation testing, all stakeholders can log in to the system and check all execution results, while in the manual testing process, the results are recorded in Word or Excel. And this means that in manual testing, the results are not readily available to all stakeholders.


The software used is being tested for compatibility. Initially, two testing methods were used to accomplish this process. That is automation testing and manual testing. Each SDLC plays an essential role in the process although significant differences exist in their functioning. This means that some processes rely on manual and others on automation testing. These differences range from test accuracy to test report visibility.

Pacquiao says he will not count out of the presidential race

Manny Pacquiao is also the official Facebook page

Closing his low rating in opinion polls, Senator and former boxing star Emanuel “Manny” D. Pacquiao says his poor roots make him the best person to run for president, as he warns voters to avoid corrupt candidates.

Mr Pacquiao also questioned why people supported Ferdinand. Marcos, Jr., the current frontrunner for the May 9 vote, points to the plunder of the country’s resources during his late father’s harsh authoritarian rule.

“Corruption is at the root of our country’s problems, so will we vote for the candidate who is tainted by corruption?” What has happened to us as a nation? Where is our intelligence? ” Mr Pacquiao made the remarks in an interview with Reuters late Thursday night.

In the latest poll, Mr. Pacquiao is fourth with 6%, well behind Mr. Marcos, who is ahead with 56%.

The current senator has made the fight against corruption the focus of his campaign, with Marcos vowing to step up efforts to recover the billions of dollars lost since the fall of the dictatorship in 1986, as part of his anti-corruption platform.

Mr Marcos’ family was accused of plundering an estimated $ 10 billion during his late father’s two-decade reign, which he spent on jewelry, real estate and works of art, including Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet.

“Why are we in poverty? Say we don’t have money? Wrong. Because of corruption, “said Mr. Pacquiao at his campaign headquarters.

Mr Marcos’s camp did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but the candidate had previously said he could not apologize for what his father had done.

Mr Pacquiao has also discussed regional disputes in the South China Sea with incumbent President Rodrigo and Duterte. He said he would not be persecuted by China if he won the presidency.

“I dare you, disturb the Filipino fishermen and I am the one you have to face,” Mr Pacquiao said in a statement addressed to China. “Harassment is not in my vocabulary.”

Whenever Manila accuses Filipino fishermen of its actions, China reiterates its demand for sovereignty over the disputed waters.

Mr Duterte has been criticized by China for not dealing further with its military, coast guard and fishing fleet in the waters around the islands, arguing that it was meaningless because Manila had nothing to do with Beijing’s military might.

If necessary, Mr. Pacquiao promised to deploy naval ships in the disputed waters to protect his country’s fishermen, saying he valued his country’s relationship with the United States, which he called “our best friend.”

The only person to have won boxing world titles in eight different categories, Mr. Pacquiao retired from boxing in September when the sport brought him a lot of resources to drive him from humble beginnings to do strange things to survive as a dirty-poor young man.

Mr Pacquiao said he was not disturbed by his low rating in the polls, but strongly believed that the poor would vote for him on election day.

His poor start made him the best person to run for president, because he understood what it was like to be poor, he said.

“If we’re going to talk about poverty, it’s not Manny Pacquiao’s idea. I’ve felt it and I’m alive, and that’s why I want to get people out of poverty,” he said. Karen Lema and Neil Jerome Morales / Reuters

Sage Sunak’s wife has to pay UK tax on foreign income

Sage Sunak’s wife has announced that she will pay UK taxes on all her foreign income and says she does not want to be “distracted” from her husband’s political career.

The chancellor, who has been fighting for his political career since leaving this week, has admitted his wife, Akshata Murthy, has a non-resident status, meaning he does not pay UK taxes on foreign earnings.

Murthy owns 90 690 million in Indian technology company Infosys, founded by his father, and received a dividend of £ 11.6 million in the last tax year. Experts say the measure means he has avoided up to 20 20 million in UK taxes.

Sunak has been criticized by critics for insulting his wife, claiming that as a private citizen, she is entitled to privacy. He argues that he pays all taxes due on his global income.

However, in a statement tonight, Murthy acknowledged that her tax status was not “consistent” with her husband’s role as chancellor and said she would no longer claim exemptions on her foreign earnings. He said he was proud that his daughters were British when he was an Indian citizen.

“I understand and appreciate the British sense of fairness and I do not want my tax status to be confusing to my husband or affect my family,” she said.

He has announced that he will now pay UK taxes on all his global income, including the last financial year. The tax will apply to dividends and any capital gains from his shareholding in his father’s company. However, it will not be applicable for the previous year.

She said: “So far, I have tried to keep my professional life and my husband’s political career completely separate.

“Since Rishi came to Parliament, he has not involved himself in my business and I have left politics to him.

“When I met him, we were 24-year-old business school students, living in another country and had no idea where life would take us. The sage has always respected the fact that I am Indian and proud of my country as he is his.

“He never asked me to give up my Indian citizenship, my relationship with India or my business affairs, although such a move would make things easier for him politically. He knows that my long-term shareholding in Infosys is not only a financial investment but also a testament to my father’s work, for which I am incredibly proud. “

He said he would retain his Indian citizenship and Indian residency for tax purposes, though he would not claim the remittance he was entitled to. He said: “My decision to pay UK tax on all my global income will not change the fact that India remains my country of birth, citizenship, parents’ home and residence. But I also love the UK. In my time here I have invested in British businesses and supported British causes. My daughters are British. They are growing up in the UK. I am very proud to be here. “

Is Benzinga Pro Cost Worth It?

There are many investment apps and tools out there to help you make better decisions. You don’t just have to choose one, because you can use the features of different platforms to help your investment. We are adding another one to the list, the Benjinga Pro. Why spend your money on an extra app? Is it worth it, and does the review justify the price? Let’s see.

What is Benjingga Pro?

Simply put, the Benjinga Pro is a stock screener app. It’s very easy to use and has features that help you dissect financial news with functions like activity scanning and charting.

The platform is powered by Benjinga, a news reporter, and gives you real-time updates so you get the information right away. If you want to stay up-to-date with the financial markets, we really recommend complementing your equipment with Benzinga Pro.

Benjinga Pro vs. Competition

Other apps and financial platforms offer similar features to Benzinga Pro, so should you choose this platform?

Benzinga pro price

As far as cost goes, the Benzinga Pro looks quite reasonable, especially when you compare it to the Bloomberg terminal. Let’s take a look at the available price plans and what you get with each.


It’s no wonder that free plans are free! Although signing up is free, free plans usually only give users access to the basics, and this is true of Benzinga Pro.

You’ll gain insights about Nasdaq Basic, but quotes will be 15-minute late. You can view it through the BZ Wire Newsfeed, but you will not have access to the filter or search function. Other features of the free plan include:

  • Watchlist
  • Chart
  • Original stock statistics
  • Movers list

Basic $ 27 / month

Then we move on to the Basic Plan, which will cost you $ 27 / month. With all honesty, we still think it’s quite reasonable, especially since you can check out the premium articles on Benzinga.com, which have proven to be quite instructive. You can also get:

  • Complete newsfeed
  • Nasdaq Basic (still 15 minutes late)
  • Movers
  • Watchlist alert

Essential 177 / month

The most popular plan offered by Benzinger is The Essential. It gives the everyday user access to the best functions without premium.

  • Offers essential plans:
  • Real-time Nasdaq Basic
  • Advanced newsfeed with search and filtering
  • Real-time scanner
  • Equity and Options (Audio Squawk)
  • Unlockable bonuses and much more

Alternative Mentorship 347 / month

The Option Mentorship Plan is for users who really want to learn and get involved. You will get everything in the Essential Plan plus:

  • Trading mentorship and education from a leading businessman – Nic Chahine
  • Alternate interior circle chat rooms
  • Unusual alternative activity included (this is an add-on for essential planning)
  • Regular market overview

Is it worth the cost of benzinga pro?

Benzinga Pro has achieved high ratings across the board with a minimum of 4 stars. The Apple Store has a score of around 1000 with a rating of 4.6.

The cost of Benzinga Pro is entirely up to you. If you want to test a sample size of the app, you can choose the free plan. A very affordable basic plan can offer you a little more, but we really recommend going for the necessary plans for the invested traders.

Overall, we definitely think the Benzinga Pro price is worth it. With the right planning, you’ll have access to real-time market updates, a real-time scanner, and an advanced newsfeed to keep your finger on the pulse of all action.

What makes Benjing Pro advantage over competitors is its reporting speed. It breaks down stories faster than the rest, which ensures that you can take action first.

Those who really should go for Benjinga Pro are more active among traders. Trend traders can get some benefits from financial institutions as well.

You may be wondering if the cost of Benjinga Pro is worth it if you are only a short time trader. Suppose you do not have more than 10k to invest, then we do not recommend the necessary planning as mentioned above. The annual cost alone will take a fairly large portion of your capital (remember that the prices we refer to are monthly).

If you don’t have a thick portfolio, we recommend a basic or even free plan just to check things out.

If you have a pretty decent amount of investment, getting the news first hand before anyone else will help you take the right steps. In this case, we must recommend at least the necessary packages.

Final takeaway

Benzinga Pro Trading and Investing can offer something for small fries and big fish in the world – it all depends on the plan you choose. Is it worth informing before dropping rumors, announcements and news? Of course! Benzinga Pro is definitely worth it in our opinion, and you can get started here.

Benjing Comparison:

Benjinga vs. Motley Flower

How to use car cushions to reduce back pain and make travel more enjoyable?

Back pain is a common problem that many people experience. This can make daily activities, such as driving to work, very uncomfortable. If you want to reduce your back pain, consider using a car cushion. A car cushion can provide support and comfort while driving, which can help reduce or eliminate your back pain.

Anyone who feels back pain knows that it can make even simple tasks like driving to work extremely uncomfortable. Not only is this a nuisance, it can also interfere with your ability to function. If you do not take steps to reduce the pain, you can permanently damage your spine.

Let’s talk about how a cushion for your seat can help reduce pain:

  1. Provide cushion support

When you are driving, you want your spine to be aligned. A cushion can help support your back and maintain proper posture. This can help prevent pain by keeping your spine aligned and putting pressure on your lower back.

Pressure on your lower back is one of the main causes of pain. By using a cushion, you can distribute your weight more evenly and reduce the pressure on your lower back.

  1. Lumbar support when you need it most

Lumbar support is one of the good essential features Car cushions. Lumbar support will help keep your spine aligned and reduce the pressure on your lower back. This is especially important when you are sitting for long periods of time.

If you sit for a long time, your lumbar region is most at risk. This is because there is no movement to stop the pressure on your spine. A cushion with lumbar support will help keep your spine aligned and prevent pain.

  1. Get comfortable and cozy with the help of car seat cushions

A car seat cushion can help you stay comfortable while driving. If you find that your back pain worsens when you sit in one position for too long, a cushion can help you stay comfortable and prevent pain.

A car seat cushion can help you stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Memory foam breathes and does not trap heat so you can be comfortable regardless of the outside temperature.

  1. Relief from pain

The most important thing for you is a car cushion can provide pain relief. If you are suffering from back pain, a cushion can help you get relief. A Wedge cushions Providing support and comfort can help reduce or eliminate your back pain.

Anyone who suffers from back pain knows that it can be debilitating. This can make sitting for long periods of time challenging and can even interfere with your ability to stay focused on the road. A car cushion can help you get rid of your pain and make driving more enjoyable.

No need to suffer from back pain anymore. A car cushion can help you find comfort and make your journey more enjoyable. A cushion is cheap, easy to use and can make a difference in reducing your back pain.

Crypto and gaming clash in high-risk ‘play-to-earn’ economy

Image courtesy of Guild Games

Jarindra Thetadilaka says he earned $ 2,000 per month from his digital pet collection last year, which he will reproduce and send to battle to win cryptocurrency.

Axie Infinity, a 28-year-old from Bangkok, is playing a new kind of blockchain-based online game called “Play-to-Earn”, which combines entertainment with financial speculation.

These games could create a lucrative business between non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and promotions around the virtual world, attracting billions of dollars from millions of players and investors who see the games as a way to introduce more people to cryptocurrencies.

At Axis Infinity, users buy virtual blob-like creatures with a variety of features, such as NFTs – digital assets whose owners are registered on the blockchain – for anything from ten dollars to a few thousand.

Players can then use pets to make money by winning battles, as well as create new pets, the value of which depends on their rarity. Assets can be traded with other players on the platform, which says it has about 1.5 million daily users.

“It’s not just a game anymore. It’s a lot like an ecosystem, “said Mr. Thetadilaka. “You can call it a country, can’t you?”

The dangers of this speculative ecosystem, and the largely unregulated crypto gaming industry, suddenly came to the fore last week when Axie Infinity was the victim of a 615 million theft. Hackers target a part of the system used to transfer cryptocurrencies inside and outside the game.

Sky Mavis, the Vietnam-based owner of Axis Infinity, says it will recoup lost money through a combination of its own balance sheet funds and $ 150 million raised by investors, including cryptocurrency exchange finance and venture capital firm a16z.

Alexander Larsen, co-founder of Sky Mavis, told Reuters that if he could have done something different, he would have focused more on safety when expanding the game, which launched in 2018.

“We were running 100 miles per hour, basically, even to get to this point,” he said. “The trade-offs we made may not have been ideal.”

Hack, one of the biggest crypto histories to date, focuses on play-to-earn games, a young world outside of crypto and gaming circles, which is becoming big business.

Players spent $ 4.9 billion on NFT games last year, according to market tracker Dapradar, which represents about 3% of the global gaming industry. Although demand has cooled since the peak of demand last November, gaming NFTs still sold $ 484 million in 2022.

Investors’ interest in NFT-based games has also grown, with projects attracting $ 4 billion in venture capital funding last year, up from $ 80,000 in 2020, Dapradar said.

“There are a lot of users who want to interact with the technology,” said Mr. Larsen, adding that Axis Infinity’s revenue exceeded $ 1.3 billion last year. “It’s as if you’ve found a new continent – like finding America again.”

There is and there is not

Adding levels of complexity, informal financial networks have also emerged around these games, as some players use their lucrative in-game resources to further their profits.

Mr Thetadilaka of Thailand decided last July that he wanted to make more money than just playing on his own, so he and his friends decided to create something known in the gaming lingo as the “Guild”. They allowed their NFTs to be used by people who wanted to play Axis Infinity for free, without investing in any assets and taking a cut of any win in return.

This model is common throughout play-to-earn games. Mr Thetidilaka said his guild, GuildFi, had become a network of 3,000 Axis Infinity players who shared their earnings 50:50 with the wealthy owners. Mr. Thitadilaka now runs Guildfly as a full-time job and the company has raised $ 146 million from investors.

Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines have emerged as the hottest global gaming hubs.

Theresa Pia, 25, who lives in Manila, quit her job as a pre-school teacher last June after her brother founded the Real Deal Guild, a play-to-earn gaming guild.

He now says he earns about মাসে 20,000 a month through his network of over 300 players across multiple games and other crypto resources.

For Axie Infinity, Mrs. Pia let her players keep 70%, while she took 30% cut. Another play-to-earn game, Pegaxy, where players buy and trade virtual horse NFTs to compete in a race to win crypto tokens, split it at 60:40.

“I do not call them workers. I just call them my friends or my scholars, ”he said. “Salary in the Philippines If you are a teacher… I’m a college graduate, I’m an educator, but that’s not enough. I never thought I could make that much money. ”

But Mrs. Pia warned that it was a dangerous business.

“There are many risks. When I’m investing in a new game হয়ে being a member of the Real Deal Guild, we have a partnership team, we have researchers, but at the end of the day, it’s still crypto, it’s still a risk. ”

Yield Guild Games, one of the largest play-to-earn networks, said it had 10,000 Axis Infinity players in the fourth quarter of 2021 who kept 70% of their earnings and received a total of .7 11.7 million.

Australian-based Corey Wilton, 25, founded Pegaxy, which has about 160,000 daily users. He estimates that 95% of users of play-to-earn games participate as “tenants”, generating revenue without owning assets, while 5% owning assets.

‘How people get hurt’

Legal experts warn that there is no safety net for players who effectively invest in risky assets, leaving them extremely risky if a project fails or the asset market dries up.

As global regulators try to seize cryptocurrencies on their own, there is relatively little oversight over the relatively specific branch of NFTs or play-to-earn games, typically using in-game crypto tokens that can later be cashed out in the traditional sense.

“It is risky to save any value on such projects. Making money in the game, blockchain-based games are often rewarded with the project’s native tokens, “said David Lee, a cryptocurrency associate at Fladgate, a London-based law firm.

“Tokens or in-game assets have no guaranteed value because their value is often determined by market supply and demand. This means there could be significant price volatility and, if the project becomes less popular or abandoned, the assets are likely to become worthless. ”

Yet proponents of these games say that success is built on a combination of factors such as skill, strategy and luck.

Mr. Wilton of Pegaxy added, “Of course you have to make money, but you have to lose money here.” “The game should not be confused with charity to make money, it hurts people.” – Elizabeth Howcroft / Reuters

Crypto investors have taken over Crowley Football Club

Wagmi United, a group of U.S. crypto investors, has snatched Crowley Town, a struggling league to football club.

Wagmi United, who were previously involved in a deal to buy Bradford City, confirmed in a statement that it had acquired a controlling stake in Crowley from Turkish steel magnet Zia Aren.

The US crypto consortium says it plans to “shake the status quo” by bringing innovative sports ideas from Web3.

Preston Johnson, co-founder of Wagme United, commented, “Crowley Town Football Club is a club with a rich history of over 125 years that we respect and honor.” “However, a conventional approach to ownership has not worked, and the club is losing thousands of pounds while its fans are losing year after year on the pitch for inspiring results.”

Johnson vowed to “move the status quo” because the group created “a global community of new and old fans.”

Wagmi United have further promised that fans will be able to vote for co-founders Johnson and Eben Smith from their roles as club directors next season if the team does not achieve its goal of promotion to League One by the end of their second season. Charge

Capitalizing on the popularity of digital assets, Crypto is increasingly entering the sports world by introducing multiple Premier League football club fan tokens.

SoFi Automated Investment – Is Return Worth It?

The SoFi Robo-Advisor platform seems to have it all – no management fees and just $ 1 to get started. There are many features for portfolio diversification, from access to advisors to various ETFs. This sounds great, especially for those who do not have much experience in automated investing. The big question is whether it is worth it. The most obvious way to come to a conclusion is to analyze SoFi automated investment returns.

SoFi Robo-Advisor Returns

Robo Advisor Year to Date (YTD) to September 2020
SoFi Automatic Investment 4.10%

What we see here is that SoFi offers a pretty consistent return but it may not be as high as you think, but after deducting the fee.

Just to give you a better idea, we’ve compared SoFi to the other big-name Robo-advisors out there that we often see in Modest Mani here.

What we see here is that SoFi offers a pretty consistent return but it may not be as high as you think, but after deducting the fee.

Just to give you a better idea, we’ve compared SoFi to the other big-name Robo-advisors out there that we often see in Modest Mani here.

Robo Advisor Year to Date (YTD) to September 2020
Improvement 5.49%
M1 Finance 0.79%
Wealthfront -0.30%
Resources are simple 5.35%

How do I evaluate Robo-Advisor returns?

In general, we know that Robo-Advisors is a good option because you are not paying human advisers. In other words, AI is much cheaper. Robo-advisors are generally less risky, and most of your money will go to stable ETFs that are also low cost.

Humans can fly and make decisions and make appropriate adjustments, although it is difficult for robo-advisors to do so because they operate from an algorithm. The sophistication of the algorithm behind your AI advisor will have a big impact on your return.

Future performance success can be difficult to project because the past is not indicative of the future – but it gives you a beautiful idea. We believe the best way to evaluate a Robo-Advisor’s performance and potential future returns is to compare it to a benchmark (S&P 500 is a good one).

How often does the effectiveness of a long-term and trusted stock index fall short, match or exceed the Robo-Advisor?

Before you come to a conclusion you need to confirm the account for all fees and deductions. Online investment platforms that offer access to human advisors are always at the top of our list.

Is it worth investing in SoFi Auto?

After seeing the potential SoFi automated investment returns, are the results worth it?

As we have seen, the returns are quite standard and slightly on the high end even when you compare it with some other Robo investment platforms. We return after the percentage fee presented above.

Wealthsimple and Betterment, two titans in the Robo-investor niche, have higher returns, but is that what you should consider?

Let’s compare SoFi with Betterment (which has historically higher returns), Wealthfront, which gives negative returns.

Although the return with SoFi is lower than that of Betterment, it may end up (depending on your total assets) as SoFi has a 0.25% management fee, but Betterment, like Wealthfront, takes 0.25% annually.

SoFi doesn’t even have a minimum account, so you can go at your own pace, when you need at least $ 500 for your wealthfront. Betterment also has a minimum account, but $ 10 should not create a dent for most people.

All things considered Wealthfront are very expensive compared to competitors. However, it does give you the promotion of asset management up to বিনামূল্যে 5,000 free. Betterment promotion up to one year with a qualified deposit.

What’s great about SoFi is that you get career counseling and loan discounts with a qualified deposit, all for free. Not only that, there are no advisory or administrative fees and investors can choose from a wide range of portfolio options.

Remember when we mentioned that access to real-person advisors gives a platform a high place in our list? Well, SoFi qualifies because it gives you unlimited Certified Financial Planner (CFP) access.

We always try to be as neutral as possible, so we’ll give you a few things to consider when looking at whether SoFi is worth the return on auto investment.

For one thing, there is no tax-loss crop. It may not be a big deal, but it is a feature that is offered by numerous competitors which is very simple. This is a very new platform, which makes some people skeptical and we understand that. There is an account fee of $ 75 when you want to transfer.

Bottom line

What is the value of SoFi? Considering everything, including fees and promotions, we must say that the return on SoFi automatic investment is definitely worth it. While the return may not be as great as some of its more famous competitors, but when you consider everything, you get a pretty good deal. Enter SoFi’s contract here.

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