PAGCOR has called for a separate online sub-regulator


Andrea de Domingo, head of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), says online roosterFighting, also known as e-sabong, requires a separate controller with suffAppropriate authorities to deal with local governments involved in trade.

“I would really like to have an independent regulator away from PAGCOR for e-sabang,” said Mrs. Domingo Kapihan at an online forum hosted by Manila Bay.

“But since Sabang There are hybrid, traditional operations controlled by the Local Government Unit (LGU), which means we have no surveillance over the fights, ”he said. “We only control online betting.”

Ms Domingo added that the mayors’ permission had led to rooster fights over the Easter weekend. “Sabang Will happen in the studio, then the video will be streamed by the operators. We have no control over it, “he added.

Last week, Senator Francis N. Talentino reports that e-sub-operator Pitmasters Live has logged more than 200 matches on April 15, Good Friday.

“So if only one regulator (e-sabang) operates, if it is removed from PAGCOR, we can focus on our current offerings, what we should control,” said Mrs. Domingo. “Our responsible gaming policies will be more effective.”

He added that offshore betting on e-sabang is illegal because PAGCOR did not license such activity.

As of April 25, Ms Domingo said PAGCOR had reported P17 billion gross gaming revenue (GGR) and revenue from P25 billion to P30 billion by June.

Casino operations controlled by PAGCOR posted a GGR of P13.51 billion, while smaller operations, including slot machines and gaming tables, earned more than P1.76 billion and P1 billion, respectively.

“It is possible that by the end of the year, PAGCOR’s GGR will increase from P60 billion to P65 billion a year, which is almost twice as much as last year,” he added. “But for the next half of the year, we really think there will be no more emergencies, and if we continue to operate at 90%, 100% capacity, PAGCOR will be able to do even more in the last six months.”

Ms Domingo added that as of April 25, licensed casinos generated P8.16 billion in GGR, bingo operations generated P2.43 billion, and online gaming operations posted P649.59 million.

“We had more than 800 (bingo stations), but after the epidemic, (this dropped to about 400 in total),” he added. “We had a lot off.”

Meanwhile, the Philippine offshore gaming operations have grossed P412.18 million in GGR, while e-sabang has grossed P1.8 billion. – Tobias Jared Thomas

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