Opensignal: Q1 dominates smart PHL mobile experience

Wireless Arm of PLDT, Inc. Smart Communications, Inc. Among the country’s three largest mobile operators, OpenSignal topped the ranking of first-quarter mobile network experience.

Sam Fenwick, a senior analyst at OpenSignal, said in its first quarterly report that Smart was the market leader in terms of download speeds and fifth-generation (5G) download speeds, with scores of 19.7 megabits per second (Mbps) and 149.9 Mbps, respectively. .

Smart DITO Telecommunity Corporation has been awarded Globe Telecom, Inc. for its 4.9 Mpbs (32.8%) and 5G download speeds. Exceeded 38.8 Mbps (35%)

Mr Fenwick said smart 5G users also spent the most time on 5G and received 5G signals in most places.

“Smart has won 5G availability with a score of 14.7%, ahead of Globe by 8.8% to 5.8 percentage points. With a score of 4.4 points, Smart’s lead in 5G is small, with Globe finishing second with 3.5 points, “he said.

At the same time, the smart game and voice application experience has dominated.

“Smart’s winning margin is impressive for both the gaming experience and the 5G gaming experience – for the former, its 54-point score is 12.9 points (31.5%) higher than second-placed DITO’s. Smart won 5G game experience with a score of 68.1 points, Globe’s score is 11.3 points ahead of 56.8 points, ”said Mr. Fenwick.

Meanwhile, Globe Smart has won excellent consistent quality awards with a 7.8 percent margin.

“In the original consistent quality, the Globe lost DITO by 12.8 percentage points,” Mr Fenwick said.

OpenSignal’s consistent quality measurements measure how often users’ experience on a network was sufficient to support the needs of common applications.

In the meantime, the excellent compatible quality analyzes the percentage of user tests that met the minimum recommended threshold for watching high-definition video, completing group video conference calls, and playing games. Furthermore, the original compatible quality uses thresholds for low-demand applications.

DITO has dominated the upload speed experience section, with users seeing the fastest average upload speed in the country at 4.8 Mbps.

“Smart scores of DITO second place are 0.3 Mbps (7.6%) ahead of 4.5 Mbps. The Globe ranks third with a score of 3 Mbps, ”said Mr. Fenwick.

“However, Smart is the only winner of the 5G Upload Speed ​​Award with a score of 14.6 Mbps – 3.6 Mbps (32.5%) ahead of second place Globe.”

Hastings Holdings, Inc., a unit subsidiary of PLDT Beneficial Trust Fund, is Mediaquest Holdings, Inc. It has most of the partnerships The commercial world Through the Philippine Star Group, which controls it. – RJ L Balinbin

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