Nitesh Sinha: A Rising Phoenix is ​​protecting you digitally

Cybersecurity is transforming the space business into a way of conducting business, spreading its roots deep enough to increase accessibility and identify and protect data from potential threats. Niche leaders are mapping out a framework that could help businesses develop innovative security products. Providing a trusted service to help companies stay ahead of the curve, Nitesh Sinha Established Sacumen.

As CEO, Nitesh is passionately changing the perspective of the security industry by becoming a trusted enabler and differentiator. He works with security product companies to address growing security challenges, competitive markets and ever-changing business dynamics.

Sacumen aims to be the leading global security product engineering and services company by providing innovative security solutions for its customers, helping to stay ahead of the curve due to the ever-increasing security challenges by creating even better value for its customers.

Sowing begins

Following a traditional professional journey, Nitesh went through the struggles that most people go through, but his humble yet steady rise to the position makes his entrepreneurial journey unique. However, he wanted to do more to contribute his skills to the cybersecurity space. As the stars lined up, he met Clarion Venture Partners, who reached out to Nitesh to create a company specialized in security services; Thus, Sacumen came into existence.

Nitesh has always been a risk taker, and through the birth of Sacumen, he gained rich experience running business education from his previous job. Coming from a developer background, he has created protection products and solutions. However, his technical prowess has helped turn Sacumen into a company that can move fast with a variety of skills.

Shoot the roots in the desert

The COVID-19 epidemic brought a wave of unprecedented disruptions that wiped out many businesses. However, it was a blessing in disguise for many companies, and Sacumen was one of them. The whole business culture has shifted to work from afar, becoming a blessing for Nitesh. The solution offered by Saqumen to verify their business offers was accurate. Sacumen has worked with cybersecurity companies since day one to specialize in creating connectors to integrate security products companies and non-security product companies.

Sacumen’s offerings have become a distinctive feature of cybersecurity that has helped it survive the epidemic and continue to grow at 100% per year. Nitesh claims, “I think the key is to pay close attention and be a master at what we offer our customers. Be an expert where customers can blindly believe in our stuff, we’re creating it for them, it requires focus and commitment, and we’ve demonstrated it all in Sacum. “

Today, Nitesh’s leadership has become a true differentiator in its offerings for cybersecurity product companies, with strong roots rooted in Saqumen.

A faithful effect

In an effort to be the best of the best, Sacumen continues to be a destination with the development of products to understand their use for connectivity, third-party integration and security agencies in the universe. Saqumen has a broad partnership system, where it can locate partnerships, access acquired products and license them to provide a robust delivery process in terms of how it works. Under Nitesh’s leadership, Sacumen has cemented itself to provide high-quality and low-cost fast-paced solutions.

Nitesh is dedicated to completing the project with unparalleled effort and moving on to the next for an uninterrupted learning curve. He has implemented a culture where everyone takes full ownership of their work to the top at a marginal level. Nitesh believes that ownership challenges every employee to continue innovating and moving forward.

Nitesh values ​​teamwork and customer service as well as fairness. However, he is very specific about commitment and is committed to transparency in taking the business to new heights.

Automation: The next significant change

The world is moving towards automation, and Sacumen’s security will play an essential role in connecting different systems with products and services. The ability to detect security threats or attacks in real-time and to respond with minimal manual integration will create a huge wave of transformation in this ecosystem. Nitesh says Saqumen is moving towards a potential future that could be the company that provides all digital security solutions under one roof.

At the edge of the horizon

In the long run, Nitesh has envisioned Saqumen as 50% service-oriented and 50% product-oriented. Sacumens solves a specific integration problem for its customers and aims to continue it. Nitesh claims, “We are very clear that we want to be a powerhouse of connectors for our customers. Once trust is built, you start doing exciting things in other sets of product engineering work, machine learning. It’s just a matter of constantly focusing on what players need to be to achieve more year-over-year growth where whenever you talk about security, Sacumen will be synonymous with security when people talk about it.

A student’s advice

Nitesh advises incoming entrepreneurs to be ready for change to become entrepreneurs in the cyber security space as it is the norm in the industry. In his final thoughts, Nitesh says, “If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, your ability to say no is more important than your ability to say yes. Because there will be a lot of opportunities where it will be distracted from your focus on what you are trying to solve, so unless you have a clear idea about it and what problem you are trying to solve you will be successful. “

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