MultiSys MSME, the online store maker for entrepreneurs, has launched Multistore

Customize your own website with Multistore.

With Multistore, entrepreneurs can create their own online store in minutes and have everything they need to run a business on one platform.

Recognizing the continuing challenge of digitalisation of their businesses by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the epidemic, leading software solutions company Multisys Technologies Corporation introduced Multistore, an online store developer that entrepreneurs can use to embark on their own digital journey.

Multistore is an end-to-end online store for food and beverage, retail, grocery and market and other services including in-house delivery and e-payment features. It is a product of integrating three multis flagship platforms, such as DeliveryBox, which supports pick-up, delivery and scheduled delivery services; Pebox, which enables cash-on-delivery (COD), e-wallet and bank payments; And Storebox, which allows for the management of marketplaces and digital stores.

Multistore MSMEs equip restaurants, commercial and raw material suppliers and even large-scale enterprises with their own online stores, as well as a web portal to manage and oversee their business activities, anytime and anywhere, from product management, to delivery and logistics. Services, content management and marketing, customer support, collection management and inventory tracking, to name a few.

In addition to presenting a dynamic and ubiquitous online retailing and e-commerce marketplace, Multistore provides a comprehensive forecast metrics, live data trends, comparative reporting, notification and order tracking, collection and analysis dashboard in a customizable timeline. These help entrepreneurs keep track of their company’s performance so that they have the ability to make timely and effective business decisions.

As well as credit / debit, online banking, e-wallet and cash payment options, various payment options including flexible shipping options from leading logistics providers and delivery channels are also on the platform for quality customer experience and convenience.

Entrepreneurs can easily use all these features by visiting and onboarding

Multisys CEO and Founder David Almirol shares, ‚ÄúToday, business resilience translates to being able to embrace and maximize the technologies available to carry on business activities. We’ve created Multistore so that entrepreneurs, especially those who feel financially and conceptually overwhelmed by technology, are equipped and empowered to tap new markets and run their businesses digitally and reach their customers on a comprehensive, seamless platform. “

Multistore Content Management Dashboard with online store design and customization tools.

Multistore will be a new curated digital solution offering PLDT Enterprise BEYOND FIBER to enable MSME growth through a comprehensive e-commerce platform.

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