MSI has unveiled laptops targeting enterprise users

MSI Summit E16

Taiwanese multinational technology company Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. (MSI) on Wednesday unveiled a new line of laptops designed for business and productivity, aimed at adding office workers and home users to a market in the Philippines made up mainly of gamers.

“There is now an MSI Business and Productivity Laptop for everyone looking for the best productivity in this challenging new normal time,” said Rhyan Sy, product sales manager at MSI Philippines, personally during the May 4 launch.

Already an established brand in the gaming community, MSI wants to pivot in the enterprise segment, especially where the market is growing between epidemiological distance work and learning continuity, he added.

The new lines are: Summit Series for Business Professionals and Elites; Prestige series for artists and content creators; And light modern series for workers and students.

The three product lines will be available locally this May through Tectron Systems Corporation, MSI’s new distribution partner.

“Techtron’s core competencies and experience in the enterprise market will help us leverage our position in the Philippines in the future,” said Mr. Sai.

Powered by a 12th-generation Intel Core processor, the new laptops “meet user needs from anywhere, such as device responsiveness, long battery life, fast-charging support, and robust security and safety features,” according to a MSI press release.

GP Padit, Country Retail Marketing Manager at MSI Philippines, explained at launch that these processors are designed with a focus on performance and efficiency.

“This time around, we’re focusing on hybrid performance technology,” he said. “Imagine slim and light laptops that can display multiple screens in 4k resolution.”

According to Ira James Garcia, product marketing manager at MSI Philippines, both the Summit and Prestige series will have enterprise-grade security. This includes smart sensor software Tobii Aware, which blurs the screen when you move away from your laptop or see someone peeking from behind.

The Summit E16 Flip A12 UDT-057PH, Summit E14 Flip Evo A12MT-072PH and Summit E14 Flip Evo A12MT-074PH are priced at P124,995, P89,995 and P79,995 respectively.

Artist and content creator-friendly Prestige 15 and 14 series laptops will have five price points: P109,995, P99,995 P89,995, P69,995 and P59,995.

Meanwhile, home users can find the modern 15 B12M priced at P48,995; And the modern 14 C12M, at P46,995.

“Business and productivity laptops are not designed for gaming, but they can handle it,” Mr Garcia added. “It is useful for professionals and students who are also gamers.” – Bronte H. Laksamana

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