Mimoun A. Assraoui: Addressing the immigration needs of investors and high-net-value

A playground for entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals and investors around the world, and therefore having multiple citizenship or residency options is essential. When Mimun a asraui He saw a growing demand among high-net-worth individuals and investors for second citizenship or residency in the Middle East and Africa, he founded. RIF Trust In Dubai, UAE.

Mimun is CEO Of RIF Trust And Group Vice-Chairman Of Latitude. With more than 90 employees worldwide through hard work and perseverance, RIF Trust has become one of the largest global investment immigration consultants in the Middle East and Africa. Businesses include Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Egypt, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, KSA, South Korea, UAE, UK, and USA.

Enabling greater freedom for travel and resource optimization

After 24 years working in various international banks, sovereign wealth funds and family offices across the Middle East and Africa, Mimun left the banking world in 2013 to establish the RIF Trust. To commend RIF Trust’s ongoing efforts to provide unparalleled service to clients, RIF Trust has partnered with Latitude Group, a leading citizenship and residential consultant. The partnership has contributed to the firm’s global ambition to provide outstanding services, smooth processes and transparency, and has helped high-net-worth individuals and investors gain greater freedom of travel and asset optimization.

The RIF Trust has already helped more than 2,000 clients and their families gain residency or citizenship through investments. The company aims to expand, grow and meet the needs of its clients by bringing them market-leading solutions and programs. RIF Trust’s residency programs can give investors visa-free travel, access to education and free healthcare.

Recognizing the key advantages of crypto-currencies

The RIF Trust has recognized the core benefits of cryptocurrency since the inception of its foundation. It is proud to be the first citizenship-by-investment company to accept Bitcoin payments in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Nowadays, its clients are interested in relocating to countries with a crypto-friendly policy, such as Portugal, which does not impose any taxes on cryptocurrency payments. The Portugal Golden Visa program offers investors the opportunity to live in exchange for an investment.

There is no tax on crypto profits

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular source of resources for new clients of many RIF trusts. It is hoped that this trend will continue as more new crypto-millionaires are created through the adoption of this new currency. Many countries that offer citizenship through investment are also adopting more cryptocurrencies. Caribbean countries such as Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu all offer a modest tax system that applies zero tax on capital gains, including crypto profits. By becoming a citizen in one of these countries, RIF Trust clients are able to establish tax residencies and benefit from the liberal tax system offered by the country. This is especially appealing to crypto-investors who live in a country with strict “no crypto” restrictions.

Preventing financial market fluctuations

Mimun wants to work closely with the government to help control the crypto-economy and make it a new standard for regular people to pay for their daily groceries with crypto-currency. The global economy, as it were, has been hit hard by the crisis and recession, and current centralized banking ecosystems cannot withstand the sharp fluctuations in financial markets. Mimun would like to help find a solution.

The big players in the crypto-currency financial market are young mid-range investors who are looking forward to their future ownership, free movement and pushing their boundaries. The same segment makes up a large portion of RIF Trust’s client base in the investment migration industry. The RIF Trust gives investors the opportunity to gain freedom of global mobility.

Being interested in adapting to new market rules

The next big change in the banking industry will be the move towards simplification of banking services supported by Fintech Solutions. Banks can expand their cloud-based services in line with the growth of sustainable financing and asset tokenization. RIF Trust pioneers are keen to adapt to new market rules. The company hopes that HNWIs from the Middle East and Africa will continue to seek second citizenship and residency as their Plan B and diversify their investment portfolio through crypto wallets and NFTs.

Investment is becoming an international leader in the immigration industry

RIF Trust has achieved 99% approval rate for its clients’ applications. Within nearly ten years in the investment migration industry, it has been able to list all residences and citizenship by the investment program in its offers. The RIF Trust has recently been renamed the Regional Representative Office of the Investment Migration Council (IMC) in the Middle East. As a firm that strives to uphold the IMC’s code of ethics and lead by example, the prestigious appointment was an expected outcome and a cause for great celebration. RIF Trust has been classified as one of the fastest growing companies in the investment migration industry by various industry-specialized publications.

RIF Trust aims to become an international leader in the investment migration industry. With its current growth rate, Mimun thinks the company can achieve this status in a very short time. RIF Trust seeks to develop and win mandates in three market segments: B2C, B2B, and government consulting. Mimun said, “We want to surround ourselves with like-minded colleagues and partners who help us move our industry forward and bring innovative solutions to our esteemed clients.”

Being open to doing business around the world

Entrepreneurs look for new sources of investment and capital to sustain the growth of their enterprise. This may mean that they need to participate in international events and conferences or establish a business base internationally and that these activities require a high level of global mobility. With the current state of national borders, entrepreneurs need passports that give them more freedom to travel and do business around the world. Mimun advises entrepreneurs to make smart investments that will pave the way for their future and tells them that second citizenship is a major way to do it.

Download the 2022 RIF Trust Citizenship Guide here: https://pr.riftrust.com/hello-freedom

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