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On the roadside, COVID-19 has changed a lot in the last few years. The world has witnessed serial lockdown, changing people’s lives tectonically. Due to a rethinking of their career path and life goals, a “Something could happen“Millions of people worldwide have resigned in 2021 to pursue a more mindful, adventurous and flexible career path.

We all know that life is meant to change. Yet, when we make changes in our professional or personal lives, we must consult with people who have successfully overcome life’s challenges and are successfully improving their lives. People’s lives are changed using his career and life experience Michelle Lee Malo, founder and CEO of Michelle Lee Malo Consulting.

Once upon a time Thinking of herself as a “self-imposed sick person”, Michelle went through a lot of trouble. But then he decided to fight this limitation by leading the wheel of change. Using his newly acquired victories, wisdom and 20+ years of corporate experience with the Fortune 500 Company, Michele has built his successful 10-year entrepreneurial journey. He presents himself as a true success story in front of everyone and decides to give real experience-based advice to those who want to change the course of their lives and careers.

In an interview with Dr. Insight successMichelle shares her entrepreneurial journey while educating Michelle Lee Malo Consulting Platform and its offerings, helping many people effectively change their personal and professional lives.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Michelle, you are widely regarded Change CEO. Please provide an overview of your inspiring personal and professional journeys so far. What was your inspiration behind starting? Back Michelle Lee Malo Consulting?

I was the sickest 28 year old you could ever meet, self-imposed sick. I get out of bed and throw my back out. How can that be? This happens when your 5’5 ″ frame cannot support 310 pounds. I had to call in fat work. Since I got my life back and lost 170lbs, I decided that I made my boss rich and lost family and friends.

I knew the struggle to lose weight and knew I could help inspire others. I left my corporate career, which spanned more than 20 years, working with amazing companies like Craft, Kellogg’s and Barilla, to become a personal trainer to help others regain their health.

After working with clients typically from coworkers, I was spending more time on career changes, business strategies, and health. I have expanded my practice to include transition coaching and business launches.

My heart is glad to see my clients change and deal with difficult things. I stand in a position of strength, passion and gain

Tell us more about your enterprise, its vision and the key aspects of its fortress in the business and brand development space?

Over the past few years, many of us have lost our jobs due to illness or even suffered some serious injuries for business. It is also time to look at it as a blessing or a gift.

Now is the time to revisit, an opportunity to change course সামনে an opportunity to follow your passions and redefine your next chapter. The old carpet was torn and torn, stained but comfortable and safe.

I want to be the person who will help you buy that new carpet টা walk by your side to help you rediscover all your emotions and redefine your purpose. You have skills that are transferable, brandable and effective. It’s time to dump her and move on.

What are your company’s unique offers that are impacting your clients?

Michelle Lee Malo Consulting’s unique offers are as follows:

  • Professional branding menu
  • Biography and cover letter development

If you are looking for career advancement or want to follow your passion, it is essential to re-establish your skills and your transferable skills so that you can find the job of your dreams. Also, you have to overcome the terrible ATS system.

We’ll take a deep dive to get to the root of your passion and skill and then I’ll rewrite your resume and cover letter so you can keep your feet on the door. This is just one step.

  • Social media menu
  • LinkedIn optimization

In our electronic world, the presence of social media is the key to building your personal brand. It is very important to build credibility and trust. Social evidence backs up your experience. I will do a thorough audit of your social media to make sure it is consistent with your personal brand messaging. I will do a thorough audit of your LinkedIn profile and optimize it based on your goals to promote profile view and position it as a powerful tool for your job search.

  • Contact menu
  • Interview preparation

The ability to express oneself confidently and concisely is a top decision when employers want to hire. I will take you through the process of writing your Star Stories which will take your experiences and divide them into the following: Situation, strategy, action, and outcome. You should have at least 5-7 star stories ready so you can tackle any interview questions.

Need to listen to your content and messages. You have a message, but writing is not something you enjoy. I will be responsible for writing your content, from newsletters to emails to social media posts. Accept your ideas and create effective marketing messages.

  • Podcast menu
  • Sparkling results

Do you want your message to be heard by action takers and business titans? I am looking for successful business leaders to share the secret behind what sparked their business and leadership success. How are you living like a fire in your hair? Tell me what keeps the fire burning in you and how you can inspire others to burn.

  • Networking menu
  • Mastermind Group

Your network and who you surround yourself with will determine your net worth and success. Napoleon Hill showed us “Think and get rich ” The power of the mastermind. If you are a CEO or business leader in the Phoenix area, Vistage members grow their companies 2.2 times faster than non-Vistage members. In 2020, non-Vistage member revenue decreased 4.7%, while Vistage member revenue increased 4.6%. I invite you to be a part of my Vistage group and to get more information at www.vistage.com/chairs/michele.malo I interview you

Please tell us about your unique ‘The Success Menu Program’. How do they help your clients make positive changes in their personal and professional lives?

I provide a safe place for my clients to dig deeper into what is next for them in their lives. The process of acquiring my ownership reaches the root of the necessary changes and then we come up with a customized strategy and action plan to take them to the next stage of life, health, career or a new business opportunity.

We create a personal branding plan that will enhance their professional and personal personality, designed to establish a connection with their target market and sphere of influence.

What are your thoughts on adopting modern technologies like AI and ML for brand, business and personal development? How do you integrate these technologies with your business activities?

This will be the future and the marketing mix needs a consideration. It needs to be researched to make sure it works within the business framework and not just everyone is doing it.

What is your point of view Practice Workplace Inclusion and Diversity?

Diversity and inclusion are essential to the success of a business. Differences in thinking, race, gender, age, etc., shed light on different and creative ways to make business and corporate culture successful and progressive.

As an established industry leader, what would be your advice to emerging entrepreneurs and enthusiasts interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the professional and personal consulting services industry?

Find those who have been there before and seek their advice. Continuing learning and self-development is not only important for mastering your craft, but also keeps you relevant in a changing world. No fear.

How do you imagine Michel Mallo Consulting’s fortifications to be even stronger in 2022 and beyond?

There are many interesting projects in 2022. I will help many clients find their personal branding and career, change the location of their skill set so that they can always dream.

My new podcast, the title “Sparkling results“Launched soon. I will be interviewing corporate go-getters and entrepreneurs as they unveil the spark that marks the beginning of their amazing results. The title of my book.”Lose 185 pounds in one day anyway

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