Marcos is the main name of the new BIR

Philippine President-elect Ferdinand R. Marcos, the former head of the Junior Tax Collection Agency, former Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Deputy Commissioner Lilia C. 7 tapped Guillermo

Incoming Press Secretary Rose Beatrix “Trixie” Cruz-Angels said: “His strong background in IT (information technology) and his nearly four decades in the BIR complement the President-elect’s goal of increasing the country’s revenue through efficient tax collection.”

Ms. Guillermo is the head of BSP’s Office of Technology and Digital Innovation, and is in charge of managing BSP’s IT modernization roadmap.

She is also credited with implementing Philippine tax computerization projects at the BIR and the Bureau of Customs (BoC), Ms Cruz-Angeles said.

Tax lawyer Romeo Lumagui Jr. has been named deputy commissioner for BIR’s operations, Ms Cruz-Angeles said.

Mr. Lumagui, a tax lawyer, has also served as the head of regional investigations for Revenue Zone No. 7B East NCR.

In December, the tax agency sent a written claim to the Marcos family for the settlement of their unpaid estate tax, which has risen to more than P200 billion due to interest.
Marcos did not answer questions about the camp’s problems.

Mr Marcos said last month that the economy would stagnate if the government’s major revenue agencies, such as the BIR and BOC, were not fixed.

“This is very, very important and we need to reduce the destructive effects of corruption in government, at least as a general rule,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Marcos has chosen Ricardo de Leon, a former police officer, as head of the National Intelligence Agency (NICA).

Mr. de Leon is currently the head of the Philippine Public Safety College, an educational institution for all police, fire and prison personnel. – Kyle Aristophier T. Atienja

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