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I have been mistaken for a professor (I was once a lecturer) and a lawyer (probably people confuse Maine St. Anna with Mel St. Maria, dean of the law school at Far Eastern University). As such, it no longer amazes me that some people refer to me as a professor or attorney.

But Greg, the husband of my cousin Lynn, stopped me by asking the question: “Philomeno Sta. Anna and XJ? “(XJ stands for ex-Jesuit.) Wow!

Greg, an XJ, was relaying a message to me from his friend, a former Jesuit newborn. Greg’s author Magic: The most important thing in life (2021). And he invited me to write the cover of the book, which I did.

Greg’s Jesuit-trained friend sent his response Magis. And he told Greg that he had “learned aspects of you that you haven’t shown or reinvented yourself in seminars.”

Another Greg’s XJ friend said, “I found Maggie’s face to be thought provoking.” (Thanks.) Which led him to ask: “What Philomena Sta. Bring an XJ? ”

So, Greg asked me how he would answer his friend’s question. I told Greg that his friend’s question was the motivation to work for me to fulfill my promise to write a column about Magis. I said: “Tell your friend to expect the Magic column. He can read it to see if I’m really XJ. “

I have delayed writing another article on the same subject. After all, I wrote what I wanted to say. But as the issue raises again, I realize that there is always something new about magic. To use the phrase of Greg’s friend, whose prose is more Jesuit than that of a lawyer, I see Maggie as the “constant revelation of life.”

But let’s dwell on Degrees and Greg Magis. The book has received good reviews. To tempt the curious to read MagisI quoted two of our friends.

Prossi Abercuez-Delacruz writes: “No fuss, no deception, just an intelligent, no-nonsense, full of heartbreaking story, living an authentic life and sharing reality and packed with life lessons. I highly recommend, page by page, story by story, from beginning to end!

Marilyn Abesamis described in her book review Magis As “a brave and true event of the last five decades (1970 to 2020), reflects the life of a generation that will not correct the horrors of the Marcos Martial Law era, or leave the search for social justice in uncertain times.” He added, “Greg writes so deeply and simply about personal events.”

Magis“A mysterious, mysterious word. It’s for the Jesuits, the society founded by Loyola Ignatius. I, myself, a Jesuit-educated and mistakenly called XJ, learned the meaning towards the end of life. If I were my late wife May and I were together then I would Knowing the meaning and doing the underlying. In the people of love, Mae typified magis.

Magis Latin word for “more”. This word is associated with another Latin phrase, For the glory of God, Which means “for the greater glory of God.” To be attached Magis And For the glory of GodWe subscribe to more efforts, more work, and better performances for the greater glory of God, for greater good.

Nowadays, in election campaigns where a camp has become notorious for deceiving and praising the public. Marcosian rule, we have to try harder and perform better for the greater good. We must do our utmost to defeat misinformation, terrorism and laziness and make the most of our skills and resources.

The candidate who will be the greater good champion will have to win. And, like Ignatius, the Jesuit founder, he was wounded. And there are big obstacles to his cleaning. But like Ignatius, he and I try to make history.

What he shows Absolute love (Radical love) is. He himself has given hope and inspiration to millions of people. He and I liked it; With perseverance and courage, we continue and fight.

All of this led me to go back to Maggis and Greg’s book. One does not have to be a Jesuit or an XJ to practice magic.

For Greg Castiler’s book order Magis

Filomeno S. Sta. Ana III coordinates action for economic reform.

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