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This story is about the process of successfully buying and selling your home. This will help you understand why teaming up with the right professionals gives you the best opportunity to buy your dream home or sell it with confidence that your financial goals have been met.

To help people find the perfect home, Lorie Campbell-Farley puts her unique skills into play to align with her client’s vision. As a REALTOR® / Real Estate Consultant for ViewPoint Realty Services, he has expanded the benefits of a leading Nova Scotia Real Estate Company to deliver the results his clients should expect and deserve.

A journey from sale to real estate

Laurie Campbell-Farley was born and raised in southern Ontario. She began her career as a supervisor at one of the top female retail companies in Western Canada for 12 years. Later, he worked with a public company for ten years with senior management, sales and marketing. She traveled to Nova Scotia in 2009, falling in love with the vast space, scenic views, indigenous lifestyle and wonderful community.

In 2010 Laurie began her career in real estate using the skills she had acquired in her previous role. He came up with a new method and new energy in business. He uses his knowledge to provide his clients with various services provided by www.viewpoint.ca. You are listing your home, buying a new home, needing financing, or providing insurance, lorries.

Cherished effort

Lori is an ambassador in the valley and knows that those who have the opportunity to move and live here will enjoy beautiful farms, seaside houses, horse farms, lakefront homes and strange towns. He proudly served the military community in 14 Wing Greenwood. He loves to educate all his clients about the world’s highest tide of more than 40 feet along the scenic hiking trails, apple orchards, vineyards and The Bay of Fundy.

Lori has won numerous awards as an experienced advisor through 387 transactions, valued at 72.5 million sales as of December 2021. She represents clients from all walks of life at all price points. His exceptional work ethic, lively personality, professionalism, and passion for real estate become brighter from the moment you meet him and his background in sales and marketing gives quick results. And he’s not just an expert in the residential sector. He is an expert on horse farms and has represented clients buying and selling wineries, churches, processing plants … and much more.

Whatever it takes

He manages every aspect of the process, personally, walking through their respective properties, doing personal videos talking about home and property, personal assessments and comparisons. “All documentation is handled electronically, and cell phones, photography, the Internet, and computer skills are mastered to speed up the process,” Lori insisted. Today, electronic devices make it possible to buy a home without having to go to a home, neighborhood, community or even a province. “

Instead of relying on a personal assistant, Lori takes it upon herself to handle every detail of each client personally. This personal touch gives his clients the confidence to handle such necessary transactions remotely, accelerating his skills and tools to make this new, fast-selling process work. He keeps a mobile office available round the clock and wants to delete as much paper as possible, save and retrieve documents and send them quickly and efficiently. Speed ​​is an important element of a successful transaction.

Unprecedented response time

Laurie revealed that since the onset of the epidemic, residents of Canada’s largest urban center have been showing more interest in the east coast provinces, especially Nova Scotia. By comparison, the Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia is an excellent investment. It’s all about location, location, location and quality of life.

Crossroads of life

Lorie and the brokerage team provide real estate, mortgage and insurance services to home buyers and sellers across Nova Scotia. When you list your home with a ViewPoint agent, you get full service and maximum exposure! Its brokerage site has 500,000 users; Each property listed by a viewpoint agent will be highlighted on the map with a unique marker, which shows 5 times more than other active listings of other brokerages. Strong words are pronounced

For Lorie Campbell-Farley, her mission at Viewpoint is simple: to help real estate buyers make smart well-informed purchases or make sellers make the right decisions to list their properties সব all with the knowledge that their business is best represented.

Huge offer

Lori knows what the Annapolis Valley has to offer. Fundy Bay is known for the highest tides in the world, beautiful hiking trails, beaches, lakes and breathtaking coastal views. The Annapolis Valley has long been a preferred destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of other parts of Canada; Living here, one can feel a different outlook on life.

With a wide range of job opportunities and rich industries, Annapolis Valley offers a unique spin of life, including farmland, dairy farms, horse farms, vineyards, forestry, lobster fishing, golfing and more. The Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia Housing Market has become a hot spot for living, building a family, retiring and living the life you always deserve with the quality of life you deserve.

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