Live Nation has been launched in the Philippines

International live entertainment giant Live Nation Entertainment is now in the Philippines with the acquisition of Music Management International (MMI), one of the country’s leading talent providers and concert promoters.

Roger Field, President of Live Nation Asia Pacific, said in his speech, “We have a long lasting and successful relationship with MMI and the launch of Live Nation Philippines is the next step in our committed growth in the Asia Pacific region.” April 25 Launch of the Nation Philippines at The Fifth at Rockwell in Makati. MMI adds another part to our network and our vision to provide exceptional live entertainment experiences for music fans and more opportunities for artists from around the world to grow their audience. “

Rhiza Pascua founded MMI in 1996 when many of the world’s leading artists would skip Manila on the Asian side of their concert tour. The company’s operations involved negotiating with artists, managers and agents to put the Philippines on the global touring map of Asia.

“Then, we preached [American boy band] 98 °, and [Irish band] Curse and we continue to promote bigger and better shows, ”Mrs. Pasqua said in her speech at the launch on April 25 at Rockwell, the fifth in Makati City.

“Until one day in 2013, I received a call from Live Nation, arranged a meeting in LA and then they arranged a meeting in Hong Kong. I met with Alan Ridgeway, chairman of the Live Nation APAC. ” Mrs. Pasqua said. The meeting in 2014 led to a partnership between the companies that allowed MMI Its concert promotion Madonna (2016), Coldplay (2017), and U2 (2019) in Manila.

With the acquisition of Live Nation MMI, Mrs. Pasqua has been appointed Managing Director of Live Nation Philippines.

“Over the years, MMI has provided industry-leading world-class services to attract the biggest and best talent in the Philippines. With the launch of Live Nation Philippines, the sky is the limit, and we look forward to bringing the world’s biggest stars and connecting fans with the artists of their choice and the magic of live music, “said Mrs. Pasqua.

Live Nation mounts 40,000 shows and more than 110 music festivals each year. It operates in more than 270 venues in 40 countries, bringing in 5,000 touring artists and selling nearly 500 million tickets worldwide.

Concert security
In an interview with members of the press after the launch, Mr. Field assured that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) health protocols will be a priority with the return of live events. “Everything we need to do right now is to protect our fans,” he said.

Mr Field also said they were “doing a lot” of potential tours of international artists, but did not mention any specific work.

“It simply came to our notice then [with] Everyone (region) is opening (up) at different speeds, ”he said.

Ms Pasqua said MMI and Live Nation Entertainment “usually do at least two jobs a month.”

Live Nation Philippines has not yet announced the details of its first live event. – Michelle Ann P. Soliman

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