Learn about the disputed South China Sea arbitration through this MCLE

Regional conflicts are still among the global constants in modern times In this part of the world, a long-running dispute over the South China Sea can be summed up as one of legal strategy, combined political influence and military might.

In July 2016, the Philippines somehow won against China when it received a favorable verdict from an arbitration tribunal in the South China Sea.Republic of the Philippines vs. People’s Republic of ChinaChina, however, rejected the decision and dismissed it as null and void.

There are clear indications that this problem will continue for a long time to come, as China continues to build military installations on the Spratlys, and incidents of intimidation of Filipino fishermen by Chinese military ships continue unabated.

According to Atty. Fretty G. Ganchun, senior state councilor at the Department of Home Affairs (DOJ), said there are existing laws that must be updated or amended because “under international law we have an obligation to make the necessary changes to the law so that they can be consolidated.” With the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). “

Atti. Ganchun discusses controversial regional issues and the significant impact of the course.South China Sea Arbitration: Dispute resolution under general international law under UNCLOS‘Under the subject International law and international conventions In the Access MCLE Lecture Series 6, set for March 2022.

As one of the most sought-after experts on the subject, Atty. Ganchun graduated from the Maltese Maritime Law Institute, which prides itself on its famous LLM program on the law of the sea. There, he became acquainted with other important areas of international maritime law, including maritime security law, shipping law, and marine environmental law.

A graduate of the Atenio School of Law, Atty. Ganchun is a law professor at the Far Eastern University (FEU) Institute of Law where he teaches special issues in international law, focusing on the law of the sea. At MCLE, he teaches sea law centered on the South China Sea.

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