Huawei promises to bring ’10 Gbps experience everywhere’, looking for top technology talent

Huawei Rotating Chairman Ken Hu.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., a Shenzhen-based multinational company, has launched a recruitment drive to attract top talent in a crowded technology industry.

“The first word that comes to mind when we talk about innovation is talent,” said 19-year-old Ken Hu, the rotating chairman of Huawei.M April 26 in Shenzhen, one day after the annual Global Analyst Summit Top Minds Recruitment activities have been launched on the company’s website.

“We don’t care where you come from, where you graduated from, or what you studied,” he said. “As long as you dream for the future and believe that you can make it happen, we want you to come and join us. We provide you with the world-class challenge, a powerful platform and all the resources you need to explore the unknown.”

Cloud migration is an inevitable trend, but companies are having trouble adopting the cloud, Mr. Hu said.

“We help them solve it,” he added. “Those who are reluctant to adopt because they are concerned about security, we [advise] Local dedicated clouds for more sensitive needs. For those who aren’t sure about using the cloud, we build a dedicated team to help them mobilize their talents. ”

Despite facing problems “due to unwanted bans”“The firm will keep the ball rolling through non-stop innovation,” Mr Hu said.

Key areas of innovation include:

  • Enabling 10 Gbps connectivity everywhere, including 5.5G and F5.5G, for a more immersive experience at home, as well as providing less latency in industrial settings;
  • Redefining system architectures for individual nodes, foundation software, and data centers to enhance system performance and power efficiency;
  • Metastudio construction to accelerate digital content production, an end-to-end digital content pipeline;
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) provides a user-centric intelligent experience called Life, to accelerate the merging of the physical and digital worlds; And
  • Increasing renewable energy production by redefining the PV (photovoltaic or solar panel) sector with AI and cloud capabilities.

“We need to work with our industry partners … to bring the 10 Gbps experience everywhere,” Mr Hu said, adding that this speed would enable ultra-high-definition video and holographic applications (which handle 1 Gbps connection, current normal speed, to operate). Can’t)

Metastudio, he added, is a response to the rapid integration of the digital and physical worlds. According to Mr. Hur, a film that took six months to render could be made in two weeks with the help of Metastudio.

“[MetaStudio] It greatly shortens the filmmaking cycle, ”he added. “We look forward to the digital content generated with this cloud surface.”

Dr. Zhu Hong, president of Huawei’s Institute of Strategic Research, also shared two questions that Huawei hopes to solve in the future: how machines perceive the world and The ability to create human models that teach the machine how to understand it; And how we can better understand the physiological processes of the human body and human intentions and intelligence.

“What we envision today is likely to be very conservative – very low – for tomorrow,” he said at the April 26 summit. He mentioned that when he was a college student 30 years ago, people had to stand in line to make long distance phone calls. Where today, everyone can make a video call using a small gadget.

“We need to face the future with bold assumptions and bold perspectives, and be careful with the wind to break down barriers to theory and technology. That is the only way forward, “said Mr Zhou. Patricia B. Mirasol

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