How to buy gold online

Due to the growing volatility of the stock market and political instability, more and more investors are turning to precious metals to diversify their investment portfolios. Gold, which has historically held its value during times of change in large stock markets, has been shown to be a successful inflation hedge.

Physical gold ownership is generally preferred for long-term investors rather than holding gold mining equity, gold receipts or gold ETFs. Thanks to the establishment of online gold traders it was not easy to buy high-quality physically precious metals and take them home or keep them in a safe vault. However, sometimes there are reports of counterfeit coins or gold being offered online, so you need to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller.

This guide will take you through buying gold online from dealers with a clear track record.

The best place to buy gold online

1. JM Bullion

Our vote for an online gold seller with the best services is JM Bullion, which offers its clients a user-friendly website, a fair price structure, promising customer service and investor-friendly features.

Since its inception in 2011, JM Bullion has expanded significantly, earning the title of “Fast-Growing Precious Metals Company” in the United States. This expansion is attributed to JM Bullion’s dedication to providing a wide range of products, honest pricing, dedicated customer support and easy ordering experience. This makes it worthy as our top pick for the best customer experience among online gold traders.

A JM Bullion advisor can help those who want to invest to start a precious metal IRA by forwarding their earned gold to the account of their choice and providing more information about the process.

The company is recognized by BBB and is considered the top U.S. supplier of precious metals investments.

2. Money Metal Exchange

This is the next best place to buy gold online. Through Money Metal Exchange, a nationwide bullion broker, clients can buy, sell and own investment-grade metals.

Cryptocurrencies such as cash or various payment methods, such as wire transfers, checks, credit / debit cards, digital fund transfers, and bitcoin, can be used by customers to make purchases.

3. Acres of gold

The company Acre, which manages Acre Gold, promotes itself as a brand that helps consumers find and acquire precious metals. The business believes that gold buying techniques are ancient and often confined to unreliable e-commerce sites or pan shops. In times of economic crisis, Acre, including offices in Santa Monica and Boise, Idaho, California, is a company that believes that real gold ownership can provide vital security and peace of mind.

This is our third choice best place to buy gold online.

How to buy gold from JM Bullion

The first time you submit the weight and information of your boolean, a quote is given. You guarantee the offer when you check out, which means you will be paid the agreed amount if it matches your product description. You will then receive email instructions on how to package and ship the products.

The transaction is finalized, and is paid for by your JM Boolean inventory staff once your boolean has been received and verified. Depending on where you live, the whole process takes a few days.

If you use automated buy-back services, you may discover that not everything has a fixed price; In this case, you must call or email a specialist. Everything else is the same as before. The only difference is that you need to contact the company representatives to know more about the cost.

Start with JM Bullion

If you personally decide not to store your precious metals, JM Bullion has partnered with the Transcontinental Depository Services (TDS) Vault to guarantee their safety.

TDS is located in Singapore, Zurich, Las Vegas and Toronto.

When you buy precious metals from JM Bullion, all you have to do is open an account with TDS, choose one of their four storage facilities and keep the metals safe there.

TDS offers two types of insurance. They are covered by vault insurance and a commercial “all-risk” insurance coverage for the metals in their hands.

Return Policy

JM Boolean provides a five-day return window, but they do not specify if there is a fee to repost.

Customers will not purchase any refunds less than $ 1,000 and will be liable for any market losses due to returns.

On the website, you can see a list of their buyback prices.

Payment options

JM Bullion supports a variety of payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • E-check
  • Wire transfer

They even allow purchases using the well-known cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Etherium. Customers will notice that different rates will apply to different payment options.

They offer discounts for bulk purchases for military members.

JM Bullion does not charge additional commissions or fees; Instead, they make money by adding a small spread to the market rate.

They offer free delivery for orders over $ 199. However, customers who wish to receive their bullion and other metals will be charged for their delivery. For small orders, they charge 7.99.

Their prices for gold and other precious metals, including market prices, are posted on the pages of various websites.

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