Henrik Anderson: Pioneer Smart Retail 2.0

Signage! An invention that appeared in commercial space in the early 20’sM From the beginning of the century billboard to the wall-mounted digital screen, the signage industry has always been searching for technology-mediated business solutions.

As businesses went digital, initiatives began using consumer products such as TVs, DVD players, VCRs as a means of digital signage in retail stores. However, there was a huge opportunity to develop retail specific solutions in the industry, pushing it Henrik Anderson To place Inner screen, Transforming retail stores with the digital revolution.

As a visionary leader and Dr. CEOHenrik is keen to map out the dreamy possibilities of digital signage solutions with a technocratic approach!

Let’s dive into Henrik Anderson’s inspirational journey.

The path to the screen

Prior to Instorscreen, Henrik had an impressive career at Cisco, where he was responsible for rebuilding the network infrastructure of several companies. He later joined SonyEricsson, which hired him to innovate, develop and manage their entire multimedia division. His work in this area became a huge success and inspired Henrik to design and build digital signage hardware solutions and the birth of the Instorscreen.

Talking about the future, Henrik said, “Instorescreen helps Lenovo OEM become a multibillion-dollar supplier of smart retail products and solutions. He focuses on creating smart solutions that facilitate high consumer engagement, With technological advancement.

Trailblazing digital signage hardware solution

At Instorescreen, Henrik focuses on targeted designing and manufacturing requirements for digital signage hardware solutions for individual customer needs. Henrik notes, “We specialize in custom branded solutions, take advantage of customer marketing investments and create unique solutions. During this time we have become the leading display solution provider for many big brands like Diageo, Marlboro, and Lego. These companies were thrilled with how Instorescreen could showcase their products and influence customer activity at the time of purchase through Motion Media. Sales lifts of 80 +% were common, and as a result, Instorscreen was expanded

As the company’s sales skyrocketed, Henrik brought Instorscreen headquarters to the U.S. market. It has helped the company grow by designing and creating the perfect hardware solution to existing shelf solutions, allowing customers to invest in existing shelf solutions with Smart Retail 2.0.

Installing technology, developing smart retail solutions

With a vision to transform Smart Retail 2.0, Henrik says, “InstoreScreen is developing optimized solutions called “smart retail” that focus on easy installation and system maintenance. Shelves that can see, hear and understand the world around them will make retail shopping fun again and we’re ready to set up now!

Smart Retail is a line of our uniquely shaped screens, with sensors and triggers that blend in and fit seamlessly with existing retail gondolas. These displays are designed and approved for retailers in partnership with fixtures manufacturers such as Loggia and leading retailers such as Whole Foods.Henrik explains.

At Instorescreen, Henrik uses technology to make digital signage solutions rich and affordable. He said, “inDAISY + is one of the key features to enable scalability of smart retail displays. This daisy chain technology reduces the number of computers and Wi-Fi endpoints required by reducing the number of similar operating system and content management software licenses. Minimizing computer and Wi-Fi endpoints improves system reliability, and limiting the number of software licenses required reduces system maintenance costs.

Henrik noted that the digital signage industry is changing rapidly, and that the application of data-centric approaches has become essential to enhance the consumer experience.

Adapt and change!

Henrik is locating Lenovo Edge computers at retail to enable smart retail displays, support digital shelf edge pricing, and provide processing power for advanced analysis at the shelf edge.

He mentions, “When shoppers can enjoy an experience that anticipates their needs and shows them new things to try and enjoy, people will happily return to the store. That’s why Instorescreen is developing analytics capabilities next year with our smart retail solutions

We asked Henrik, if given a chance, what he wanted to change in the digital signage industry, to which he replied, “We find that one of the most complex problems in bringing technology to retail shelves is the limited availability of electricity. Not only is there virtually zero energy applied to the main body of the isles, but there is no power conditioner. So, we’re focusing on this issue and plan to announce a new daisy chain soon using the latest USB-C protocols. The plan is to have a cable for video, data and power, and not hundreds of power supplies and all related electrical infrastructure to support them. “

He believes that Daisy Chain Solution will be a game-changer in smart retail scaling.

Inspire emerging entrepreneurs

Henrik believes that digital signage can reshape the retail industry, and that innovation knows no boundaries with technological prowess.

Henrik Marx, “This is an exciting time to be retail. New technologies are evolving very fast, so it is important to keep up with the trends, even driving them into the retail business. Watch trade shows, read art publications, and feel free to talk about emerging trends like cryptocurrency

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