Greg Taylor: Introducing a sustainable approach to data privacy

A quote from Stephen Napo, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and it takes a few minutes of cyber-events to destroy it.” In the technological age, the importance of data security is well emphasized.

An organization cannot protect itself against data breach activities without a cyber security program, making it an easy target for cyber criminals. The tactics of these criminals are becoming more advanced than traditional cyber defense, so business leaders can no longer rely solely on cyber security solutions such as antivirus software and firewalls.

Has tried to understand the importance of data privacy Greg Taylor To start Sartan Corporation, a company that builds privacy intelligence on direct data to ensure data privacy, display and manage.

The corporation offers advanced technology that embeds a data file with the necessary security and management modules to protect against unwanted access.

A man with a mission

Early in his entrepreneurial career, Greg Taylor founded Associates, a professional search and recruitment agency that revolutionized data processing. The company inspired him to start Dataman Services, a data processing systems analysis, software development, and consulting services company that was ready for the very early stages of cyber security and data security by developing the right software and implementing appropriate standards and procedures across the company.

Since the founding of SertaintyOne Corporation, the pivot of Sartty Corporation, he has brought together the founding team that now ensures exceptional development and commercialization of self-governing data.

At first, Greg and his team faced doubts about their ability to deliver on their promises. I remember comments like that, “Technology is not so advanced.” The challenge then becomes to persuade these firms to manage with due diligence and to invest time and resources that Sertan technology can truly protect their information by creating privacy intelligence in direct data. Although this skepticism raises limitations and challenges on the Sartan for a period of time, they have overcome these obstacles by patenting their customizable solutions in the United States, Japan and Korea and building valuable partnerships that have further validated their approach.

After dealing with mistrust and suspicion, Greg now advises young entrepreneurs to have faith in themselves. After working in investment banking for over 14 years, Greg noticed that everyone underestimated the value of financial, family and community support. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must be willing to take risks.

Greg Share, “You have to have a certain kind of determination to survive, much less succeed. You won’t be told 300 times, but it takes a yes to start a path that can change your life. “

Guiding principles, shaping work culture

Every business has its own values ​​that influence how it works. Sarten’s mission revolves around a zero-trust policy; Never believe and always verify. This policy means that no device or user will ever be trusted and a verification process is always required.

As a deep-tech cyber-inventor, the Certante team aims to offer breakthrough self-defense data technology. Its state-of-the-art DevSecOps teams can deploy a proactive and self-contained data-centric strategy that ensures the safety and stability of the transformative OT and IT environment.

At Certinet, they package and distribute their core products in a Software Development Kit (SDK). Their SDK includes all the application programming interfaces (APIs) needed to create a secure self-protected data file.

In short, this SDK will help customers create highly secure applications for data protection.

Information security leaves a mark in the niche

With certainty, clients and partners can make a competitive difference with customers and regulators who want more than the promise of data privacy. It is vital for global business to adopt a sustainable approach to customer trust and retention and data privacy regulations.

Verified by industry leader Veracode, Sarten invented and patented a way to embed its programming language and executable code so that “one and zero” could not be distinguished by the best hackers.

When tested, the certificate received the highest possible scores on the patented data privacy platform: VL5, 100% in Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Manual Penetration Testing (MPT).

Developing versatile solutions

Technology is important for the growth of practically every industry, from cyber security to agriculture and agriculture is playing an increasingly important role in our society.

Sertainty recently received patents for its Intelligent Cipher Transfer Object (ICTO) in Japan, Korea and the United States. One of the partners in its data privacy platform is the CIEDAR program at Texas State University. The program develops smart cities integrated with solar farms, autonomous vehicles and smart homes. As people progress, Sarten ensures that their data and processes are secure, including self-governing data in the backend.

A change for the better

Technology is always changing, and to stay relevant in the technology industry, it has to keep up. Many businesses with data assurance are not viewed as an industry standard rather than focusing on marketing to gain new customers. The operation must have a well-formed standard for data verification. When a breach occurs, these businesses do not face a response and do not provide clients with a clear roadmap to ensure that data breaches do not occur again.

Serten believes that the best way to secure valuable data is to have its platforms tested and graded by industry experts such as Veracode and to keep its B2B clients up to date on the latest developments and practices. Educating your clients enables them to make informed decisions about their valuable data.

Greg adds“When they know your business is judged by an industry standard, it boosts their confidence in your abilities. It’s time for businesses to work together to stop keeping their clients in the dark and shed light on how they can make better, more efficient decisions about data security. ”

Going Above and Beyond

At Sartent, when they look to the future, they see six months to three years from now. In the world of cyber security, three years is a long time. The company is working to make a public offer and is evaluating future partnerships with well-known Wall Street firms that could represent Sartan in a potential M&A transaction.

Also, as Greg prophesied, “In the next 18 to 24 months, we will be under tremendous pressure to sell the company. I say this because we have already seen the growing interest in certification and I believe it will only grow. We’re getting traction in this area, and the company is getting more valuable. “

As for its internal growth, the company will continue to advance self-governing and self-protective data capabilities. Many companies want to adopt a zero-trust model to address data security needs. However, they forget that this is not a cookie-cutter security model. Instead, it is a method that needs to be developed consistently. The ability to adjust to these fast adaptations sets Sarten apart in the Zero-Trust cybersecurity industry.

For Emerging Entrepreneurs – Get a Foothold

“The advice I would give to any entrepreneur is; If you’ve got a vision and you believe you’ve been called to that point – and I mean, something burning inside of you and you can’t say no – and you’re willing to risk what you’ve got, go for it! “

Finally, Greg added that one should never burn a bridge because you never know when that relationship will come back and be beneficial for you and your company. The team is critical. You may have the best technology on the planet and invest millions of dollars in it, but if you don’t have a 100% committed team that shares your vision and passion, you will fail.

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