Filipinos value honesty in the workplace the most – study


Integrity is highly valued by Filipino workers According to 78% of respondents, in May 2022, a survey by Mileau Insight, a Singapore-based market research firm, surveyed Southeast Asian workers on the importance of values ​​in the workplace.

This was true within the age group (75% among professionals aged 25-34; 82% for those over 55), and the level of employment (77% for both managers and entry-level executives).

The second and third most important are quality work (71%), and quality work (70%), respectively.

The majority of respondents in the Philippines (93%) think that the values ​​of the company they work for are more important than average, according to Sonia Elysia D.

“Being a‘ good person ’is fundamental to a strong, positive work culture, as people aspire for a sense of humanity and community as part of the workplace experience and reinforce personal values ​​and ethics,” he said. “It ensures that employees feel valued and are not forced to compromise on who or what is important to them.”

Represented by surveys across four Southeast Asian (SEA) countries (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines), 71% of respondents indicated that the value of the company they work for is important to them.

Although nearly half (49%) say they will not work in a job where its nature is against their values, about two-fifths (41%) indicate their willingness to do so unless it is illegal. .

“In an ideal world, you wouldn’t work in a job that conflicts with your values ​​- but leaving a job outside of policy is a rare luxury,” said Mrs. D. Said. “Authentic expressions of values ​​can put someone in a position to clash with the culture of the workplace, which is why they need to find a way to bridge the gap between their values ​​and the culture in which they work.”

The Milue Insight study also found that only 40% of respondents with a family income of less than SG $ 3,000 answered “yes” to the question “Will you work in a job where you have to go against your values ​​for its nature?”

Meanwhile, 48% of households with a household income of at least SG $ 9,000 answered “yes” to the same question.

“It simply came to our notice then that people cared a lot about ESG [environmental, social, and corporate governance] The goal is when they can afford it, ”he said.

In terms of workplace friendships, meanwhile, 64% in the Philippines say they like most or all of their coworkers (23% strongly agree; 41% somewhat agree). Three-quarters (76%) also said that their colleagues help each other. The regional averages for both points were 57% and 73%, respectively.

Voluntary resignation

Although The Great’s resignation – where employees voluntarily resign from their jobs – is more pronounced in countries like the United States, the epidemic has forced several white-collar workers in Asia-Pacific to seek a more equitable work-life balance.

CBRE, a Dallas-based real estate brokerage, reports in its 2022 market outlook that unemployment in the region has fallen. A talent war spreads.

It added that workplaces need to be designed in a way that attracts people and they like to work there.

The disruption caused by the epidemic has shed light on the causes Out of financial incentivesMercer was mentioned in the September 2021 SEA survey.

“Its challenges and feelings [Southeast Asians] Definitely real at work. Workers in the region also experience factors such as intense work hours, burnouts, increasing stress levels and a lack of job satisfaction, “said Ms. Dee.

That’s why in countries like Singapore, companies are increasing their employee recruitment efforts, flexible work arrangements, and job prosperity and reconstruction, he added.

In May 2022, the MillIn Insight survey was conducted with 1,000 recruited respondents in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.Patricia B. Mirasol

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