Enterprise Nation expands SME Finance Hub to offer R&D tax credit access and

Enterprise Nation, a small business support platform, has expanded its SME Finance Hub to include access to and apply for R&D tax credits and assistance in applying for it. Mortgage, security, pension and investment, a pioneer one-stop-shop for small business financing.

The new look hub is based on the existing features offered by Capitalized, Business Finance Platform, which gives small companies Free access to their business credit profiles, the ability to manage their clients’ risky profiles, and access to affordable business loans in one place.

Hub is now providing additional funding services through R&D tax Credit Specialist Claim capital; And CMME Which can be accessed with the help of business founders and contractors with special skillsMortgages and securities, pensions and investments through a network of experienced advisors and their sister company contractor assets.

Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, says: “The founders of small businesses are busy people. They are often busy shopping for the best financial support or running a business to ask different suppliers. This hub gives them equal access to one of the best experts in their field. ”

Max Rainer, Managing Director Claim Capitale said: “The government’s goal is to increase UK research and development spending from 1.7% to 2.4% of current levels by 2027. Raising awareness and improving the access of the small business community is going to be the key to achieving that goal and unlock innovation.“Our partnership with Finance Hub Enterprise Nation will help us do just that.”

Mike Coshott at CMME says: “Applying for and securing the right mortgage can be very difficult and complicated for small business founders and self-employed people. Often in the mainstream brokerage system they are penalized for not having the money they deserve, more complex income or conventional PAYE employment. The same is true of personal security and asset management.

“There are better deals And grateful for the solution. And this finance hub will give small business owners access to very competitive options that work with running a business. “

SME Finance Hub provides lending options and relevant advice and distribution Specially-targeted insights seek support directly from businesses, as well as one-stop-shop access to SME finance needs.

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