Energy Deep has extended the deadline for reporting costs by one month


The Department of Energy (DoE) Energy Utilization Management Bureau (EUMB) says it has extended the deadline for all designated organizations (DEs) to submit their energy cost reports by one month.

In a notification issued by the EUMB, all industrial, commercial and transportation companies required to submit fuel cost reports on or before April 15 may transfer them without penalty by May 15.

April 15 is a public holiday.

Memorandum Circular no. As of 2020-05-0001, DEs are required to submit an Annual Energy Efficiency and Conservation Report (AECR), and an Annual Power Report (Utilization), with an annual power consumption of at least 100,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). AEUR).

These organizations are required to report on their Energy Management System (NMS) concepts and practices, and are encouraged by the department to obtain a certificate for their NMS system.StayEd

Classy consumes a DE ranging from 500,000 kWh to 4 million kWhStayEdited as Type 1 DE and must employ a power conservationStaycer (ECO), when type 2 DEs report an annual power consumption of more than 4 million kilowatt hours they must have an Energy Manager (EM).

Registered ECOs and EMs may be employees or third party service providers from an energy service company (ESCO).

DEs are adhering to that StayFor the first time they can submit cost data for 2016-2020 along with AECR and AEUR.

Last week, EUMB checked a spot in Albe Provincial Government for compliance with Energy Ef.Stayciency and conservation (EEC) best practice.

“Since the government should be at the forefront of EEC practice, I commend the province of Albe for excelling in implementing sustainable energy systems,” said Energy Secretary Alfonso C. Kusi says 6

The provincial government has demonstrated the use of solar-powered streetlights, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and fan modes for air-conditioning units during inspections.

“The DOE is actively pushing all government materials to realize the EEC’s dream as our way of life,” said Mr Cusi. – Ram Christian S. Augustine

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