Emma Dixon: Rich for providing exceptional home care

One can choose to walk different paths to achieve their goals; However, sometimes, the unintentional path can create a beautiful journey.

“If I could say this path was intentional in the beginning,” Said Emma Dixon Sharing the professional journey that led him to become CEO And President A. Home Helper Home Care.

Emma attended college to become a high school teacher, where she learned that teaching, coaching, and developing people are the keys to a successful business growth. His early career began in corporate training and development. He handled the growing responsibilities that shaped his leadership qualities at Blockbuster and Sylvan.

Emma realized that her most important responsibility as a leader was to help employees and companies realize their potential. The position of CEO of Home Helper Home Care has given him a fair chance to do so. He focused on building a team that was as committed to the company as he was: They call home wherever they can to help people stay as independent, safe and happy as possible.

Emma notes, “As we grow older, we add to our team and our outstanding network of franchises. We have kept our focus on our mission. Our goal is to drive our innovation spirit and bring the team together while we aggressively pursue our goals. “

As she talks about the challenges that come with pursuing goals, Emma realizes that most people who do great things face challenges. He insists, “Deciding how much you want to achieve, the risks you are willing to take, the bold choices you make and your determination to move forward.”

For the people

Emma has dedicated the last fourteen years of her career to advancing senior care through home helpers and working with her as an industry lawyer. Home Care Association of AmericaServe as President Board of Directors.

Most recently, Emma has advocated for the care of home care workers throughout the epidemic. Her tireless efforts have ensured that home care aids are categorized as essential staff. He has also formed partnerships with PPE providers to ensure the safety of all home helper employees and their clients.

Careful hands

Home Helper Home Care envisions becoming the most trusted and respected provider of comprehensive home care services and support to help people stay independent, happy, and secure no matter where they call home.

Emma says the company is a move away from direct care delivery for those who work at the National Support Center. As such, he constantly reminds his team of the “why” behind the work that is best presented with the exceptional caregiver program. Emma shares, “Every year, we receive hundreds of nominations from clients – we share these with our team on a regular basis – because they always show the importance of what we do and the genuine appreciation of clients for our caregiver and services provided.”

Incomparable culture

Emma reveals that the spirit of innovation drives the organization and keeps the team highly engaged, improving the lives of seniors and their families.

In 2021, Home Helpers launched its new CARED-4 (SM) service offer, an innovative approach that is changing how Home Care can help people stay independent until they choose and do so with affordable options for its clients.

Emma explains that CARD-4 starts with exceptional in-home care and offers new ways to connect and engage with clients, uniquely covering the four major risk factors associated with hospitalization. From nutrition plans and food preparation to medicine reminders, wellness calls, and technology-enabled devices to help in emergencies, CARD-4 extends the continuity of home care and the next generation of home care.

Take to care

Since many seniors need extra support to stay independent, they are concerned about the financial and personal impact of home care. As an organization, home helpers have dedicated themselves to using technology to increase their franchise and client care and reduce costs.

Emma says using in-home monitoring solutions can help home help agencies and a client’s family know if there has been a fall, a routine change or even a warning if there is an emergency. He adds, “Having access to monitoring technology can give our clients more freedom to enjoy the activities of their choice, knowing that if they need help, we can push a button away. We are the first in our industry to use voice-controlled monitoring, as well as technology that provides key family and caregiver data points for the overall well-being of clients in an easy-to-use portal. “

Home helpers also add wellness calls to its service offerings, allowing franchisees to check in with clients when a caregiver is not at home. These calls provide invaluable social connections and life-saving reminders about medications or other routines needed to keep clients safe and healthy.

Home Helper’s fully integrated back-end enterprise software system helps franchisees more efficiently manage their workload and help caregivers plan their staff to reduce burnout and turnover. The system provides access to data that helps franchisees run more efficiently and make better decisions for their employees and clients.

Willing to

The industry can create efficient technology and hyper focus on labor reduction from technology, especially robotics. Emma says, “I am hopeful that other executives like me will weigh the benefits of these technologies with the much-needed personal connections that our clients deserve. In many cases, the bond between a client and a caregiver is very personal and one of the greatest gifts you can get from working with a group like Home Helper Home Care. “

Preparing to overcome obstacles

Labor shortages are one of the most significant challenges facing home care agencies today and in the next few years. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

Operators need to find ways to reduce turnover, increase hiring skills and enhance caregiver experience. Home helpers provide ongoing training programs to franchisees so that their carers can virtually develop new skills and create more opportunities for themselves.

It has created a recognition program that showcases the excellent work of caregivers and helps those interested to see valuable support that encourages caregivers to encourage others to consider career change.

Visionary goal

Senior care is essential for Emma because she has been a family caregiver for many years. He shares, “It simply came to our notice then. I can’t imagine a future where I’m not attached to this industry in some size or fashion. For Home Helper Home Care, I see a very bright future that focuses on supporting our franchisees with innovative programs that help them grow and serve their community. We have achieved double-digit compound annual system-revenue growth in the last ten years. I see our growth continue, both in terms of market share and industry growth as a whole. “


Emma advises aspiring entrepreneurs to jump on both legs as the industry continues to move forward with the countless tailwinds that take the field forward. “Our population is living in old age, longevity and more chronic conditions. We need people who want to change the quality of life of their clients / patients and their employees and colleagues and contribute positively, ”he said. Emma finishes.

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