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Tiger Woods was not a happy camper as he went on the podium after his disappointing third round at the Masters. To be sure, he wasn’t angry either. On his way to the worst 78 of the sporting Premier Tournament, he got more, better, tired after fighting his body, himself, his swing. The condition was exactly how the organizers wanted them to be, which is extremely difficult to say. And after only 14 months of his sensitivity to cold and wind he almost lost his leg – his life, even – which was then described as a “single-car accident”, he was doomed to failure.

The “failure” is of course relative, and the fact that Woods is still finishing and finding himself with a better total score than the other eight players after 54 holes speaks volumes about his efforts. He stuck the first hole in a sign of things to come and, when he literally closed the course yesterday, he kept four three-putts and one four-putt in his wake. The bitter taste of his boogie-boogie-double-boogie finish was still on his face when he confronted members of the media and, nevertheless, he still answered every question that came his way. He did not feel defeated at all.

In fact, Woods gave his all for every shot he took (probably, to put it in a hurry on the fifth hole), leaning to show his best even though he was obviously far from it – if he went to the event about himself for no reason other than to claim it. , He reiterated his ultimate goal of claiming to record the Green Jacket for the sixth time. Asked if he could win, he simply said, “I do.” Yesterday, he was obviously no longer entertaining such ideas, but he was equally adamant. “Never give up,” he claimed. “Always chase after your dreams.”

In the larger context of life, Woods’ speech points to a clear movement of goalposts. For that reason, despite all the mistakes, he planned to show up for the fourth round. “I fight every day. Every day is a challenge, “he said.” Every day presents a different challenge for all of us. I wake up and start fighting again. “Enough said.

Written by Anthony L. Cuaycong Courtside From The commercial world Launched a sports department in 1994. He is a consultant on strategic planning, operations and human resource management, corporate communications and business development.

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