Crypto investors have taken over Crowley Football Club

Wagmi United, a group of U.S. crypto investors, has snatched Crowley Town, a struggling league to football club.

Wagmi United, who were previously involved in a deal to buy Bradford City, confirmed in a statement that it had acquired a controlling stake in Crowley from Turkish steel magnet Zia Aren.

The US crypto consortium says it plans to “shake the status quo” by bringing innovative sports ideas from Web3.

Preston Johnson, co-founder of Wagme United, commented, “Crowley Town Football Club is a club with a rich history of over 125 years that we respect and honor.” “However, a conventional approach to ownership has not worked, and the club is losing thousands of pounds while its fans are losing year after year on the pitch for inspiring results.”

Johnson vowed to “move the status quo” because the group created “a global community of new and old fans.”

Wagmi United have further promised that fans will be able to vote for co-founders Johnson and Eben Smith from their roles as club directors next season if the team does not achieve its goal of promotion to League One by the end of their second season. Charge

Capitalizing on the popularity of digital assets, Crypto is increasingly entering the sports world by introducing multiple Premier League football club fan tokens.

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