Creating your favorite photo frame? Why use a professional

Creating your favorite photo frame? Why use a professional

A frame can tell you a lot about art. Try to imagine your favorite artwork, whether at home or in a museum. Some of these pictures may have ornate gilt frames, others may have useful wooden frames. Now imagine these tasks in different ways Made to measure photo frames. Will this piece change your perception?

Quality framing can change the tone and feel of a work of art, working in symbiosis with the content and the environment outside. To achieve this subtle balance of plot without making the subject irresistible, all aspects of the frame must be considered. This article will explore the elements of quality framing and why your picture should be framed by a professional.

Frame style and molding

Frame style and molding are some of the key features. Whether you’re looking for a replica of the Baroque splendor or the smooth lines of modernity, there’s a frame style to suit your fancy. While store-bought frames can be of only a few different types, Bespoke Framing Services can offer a huge selection of frame molds in every size and shade. Custom framing services can make frames in a variety of materials, from MDF to high-quality wood. Framing is an artisan craft that creates smooth, seamless frames to the touch, which guarantees to preserve your artwork for many years.

Looking at the frame you will see four classic styles: standard frame, box frame, floating frame and tray frame. Standard frames are the most popular style and widely available. Another popular choice is the box frame, which leaves space between the glass and the artwork to create depth. Floating frames show the artwork floating inside the frame.

Ultimately, tray frames provide the best choice for creating mounted work or canvas because the artwork recovers within the frame. Once you have chosen the style of your frame, you need to select a molding style. The simplest frame molds are flat, but they are curved or engraved in large and small sizes. Ask your professional framer what size and style of frame molding would be most appropriate for your artwork.

Window mount

Using a window mount with your artwork not only protects your artwork but also draws attention to it by using negative space. Mounting can help protect fine works that may require care when handling, such as watercolors or pastels. Adding acid-free mounting will help prevent these things from getting worse. Also, the window mounts secure the artwork to ensure that the visual artwork does not touch. This prevents condensation and softness from damaging the industry.

Window mounts make your work of art more prominent by highlighting the artwork and attracting the eye with negative space. Many choose window mounts in neutral tones, but if you want to add a splash of color, mounts are available in every shade. Professional framing services have access to thousands of colors and mounts, easily creating custom window mounts to match any artwork. Keep in mind that the size of your window mounting will affect the size of the frame. Talk to your bespoke framing expert to see how a properly selected window mount will complement your work.


The last step in framing art is the selection of glazing. While this may seem like a mundane detail, the glazing you choose can dramatically affect your artwork. Glazing not only protects your artwork from dust and dirt, but it can also help prevent fading. Think about the final location of your artwork before making the final selection. Different conditions will be suitable for different types of glazing, so talk to a bespoke framer to help you decide which will work best with your space.

Why go to a framing professional?

Cheap frames readily available, but are they worth it? As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and this is especially true when it comes to framing. The mass-made frame is made of plastic or MDF and breaks easily. Professional art framers are skilled craftsmen who are trained to produce quality products. With access to a variety of styles and molds, Bespoke Framing Services can create frames of any size or shape. When Hanging your artwork for an exhibition It is always advisable to create a base frame.

Professional framers have the flexibility to work with unconventional shapes and use the highest quality materials, so you know your basepack frame will last. Professional framers have been in the business for a long time, so they specialize in their field. They have a deep knowledge of design and can easily guide you to the best combination of frame and mounting to suit your style and budget. There is a reason for professional artists to believe that their work is framed by professionals; Bespoke framing will give your artwork a professional edge.

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